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The website of the OLD DUTCH PAINTER and his anti-nihilist, anti-communist, pro-civilization friends.
A video about the reason to start this website can be found: HERE (Allow me to introduce myself), a video about Retreating from Social Media can be found on Bitchute : HERE.
Take note: some Tech Giants provide a link to whatever video on Bitchute, with a “serious warning”. Yes, we are in an uphill battle.
Tip: the links in the ‘footer’ can be useful.
Still to come are more videos. Short ones but also videos with brainstorms, interviews, and debate (and some audio).
Ideally, the format of ‘Merciless Yet Empatic‘ will evolve into an intermediate form between the internet presence of Steven Crowder and his mates Louder with Crowder on the one hand and those of Mr. Reagan and The Rubin Report on the other.

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