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The website of the OLD DUTCH PAINTER.

Since my retirement I started painting myself and I got more interested in the succesful painters from the low lands from centuries ago. Much longer ago I got interested in politics. In this century this interest got strong new boosts from 9/11 and the murder of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and an even stronger one by the murder of Theo van Gogh.
I am anti-nihilist, anti-communist and pro-civilization.
Tip: the links in the ‘footer’ can be useful.
Tp: watch the videos only after clicking ‘Continue Redeading’.
Still to come are more videos. Short ones but also videos with brainstorms, interviews, and debate (and some audio).
A video about the reason to start this website can be found: HERE (Allow me to introduce myself), a video about Retreating from Social Media can be found on Bitchute : HERE.
Take note: some Tech Giants provide a links to all kinds of websites with a “serious warning”. For example every video on Bitchute. Yes, we are in an uphill battle.

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