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Oilpainting on wood (MDF), 2019
Far, far away, long, long ago

Thanks to rather ‘special’ actions by Google and Chrome(books), I lost many files. Images, especially. Paintings by my own hand more especially. Because the vast majority of those are still in my possession and at my home, I can take photos of them again.

There are also advantages to this. I am now taking a more systematic approach and I have also been reminded in a rather peculiar way that I am quite behind in my efforts to offer them for sale!
So this blog post is a start to catch up on this backlog.

Starting with a painting from 2019, I make blog posts about work I have not previously shown here on the OldDutchPainter.
In 2019 I made my first oil paintings.
This one is called ‘Far, far away, long, long ago‘.
It is 40 by 30 cm; Oil on wood (MDF). The flying animals are ‘pterosaurs‘. Very interesting animals: you could call them flying dinosaurs – and they were large and phenomenal flying animals – but they are not ancestors of birds!

I made it impulsively: when I started painting it I didn’t know what it would turn out to be. Very different from what I make nowadays!
Send a message via a direct message on if you want to make a bid.

P.S.: Prints of two of my celebrity portraits are available for purchase: from George Orwell and from Joanne Rowling (‘JKR’).

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