Marxism was never crushed

Proud of the farmers

Amazing. Last Thursday, a very warm day here in the Netherlands: many hundreds came to a meeting of a Dutch political party with English speaking guests only! And on top of that: the meeting was about a very important but depressing subject: the role of the Communist Party of China in the world.  The organising… Continue reading Marxism was never crushed

Less politicians, more statesmen

Churchill saved Charles de Gaulle by bringing him to Great Britain just in time.

Short video with some quotes from the marvelous biography of the greatest statesman ever: Winston Churchill, by William Manchester and Paul Reid.Concluding:Nowadays civilization is threatened in a very different way but in my opinion also in an even more worrying and sinister way than 80 years ago.Serious politicians should more frequently ask themselves: What Did… Continue reading Less politicians, more statesmen

J. Cook on repeat: ‘consensus’ and the scientists

Take note: 2 minutes further in the interview he repeats this statement!

The reason for this article is twofold: a remarkable article on a strange Dutch website and an atypical reaction under an earlier article of mine about ‘climate denier’ as badge of honor. I’ll start with the more important of the two: an article written by one Kim de Roder. Actually, not Roder’s discussion contribution itself,… Continue reading J. Cook on repeat: ‘consensus’ and the scientists


A painting in Dutch Museum ‘More’ by a man,
in a project about more attention to female painters …

I posted this before on Instagram. I do not use it anymore (search the first use of the name Tulsi Gabbard on this site, for the reason). If I take a look now, Instagram has a suggestion: “See what people are sharing to empower women and advocate for gender equality” … In the photo I… Continue reading Oops…

‘Climate denier’ as a badge of honor

Take note: 2 minutes further in the interview he repeats this statement!

This , for me, short article builds on a longer TEXT I wrote nine months before: What is climate science? At the time I put quite a few hours of study into preparing that text. However, I had not yet formulated the title of this piece as a conclusion. Among other things, I went through… Continue reading ‘Climate denier’ as a badge of honor