And so it started …

Take note: 2 minutes further in the interview he repeats this statement!
Accompanying video of TEXT.

Climategate -the scandal- started with scientists aligning with activists, like this Leila Conners. Back in 2006 she interviewed climate prophet Stephen Schneider († 2010). In 2018 I wrote a long text about this amazing interview in Dutch. In 2022 I translated it into English and only then the horror really sunk in: a scientist who… Continue reading And so it started …

Once in a lifetime

Airplane landing at sunset: a spectacular show of sunlight, sea and canals.

I’ve included a large version of the ODP logo to indicate the location of the horizon: that’s at the top of the logo. So you see the setting sun itself shining through clouds, closer by its reflection in the North Sea, and even closer the reflection in the channels: one by one due to the… Continue reading Once in a lifetime

Meanwhile above the Netherlands

View on Dutch polders in the former Zuiderzee, now IJsselmeer. Specifically the tiny polder IJsseloog.
Artificial island IJsseloog in Ketelmeer: part of the IJsselmeer. ‘Meer’=lake. Until 1932 the lake was sea (‘Zuiderzee’).

In this century (also in my lifetime) I returned by airplaine to the Netherlands 11 times. Never before have I had such a beautiful view during the landing. And not only has this photo turned out exceptionally well as a picture (thanks to the sunset and the clouds), there is also a lot of interesting… Continue reading Meanwhile above the Netherlands

The suffering of the climate prophet

Stephen Schneider

When considering running for a seat in the Provincial Council I started reading the complete IPCC report, however, I got stuck on page XI. The Synthesis Report 2014 turned out to be officially dedicated to Mr. Stephen Schneider, who -for that reason- can be called climate prophet. I use that term climate prophet for the… Continue reading The suffering of the climate prophet