Pilate by Jan Lievens

In the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Jan Lievens, Pilate washing his hands.

Contemporary and friend of Rembrandt van Rijn. The craftsmanship with which especially the fabrics are depicted is really astonishing. It even stands out a bit against the representation of hands and faces.

December 26, 1941

Work (on oilpainting) in progress. Those microphones looked really high-tech back then.More so then, than when the great composer, guitarist and performer Zappa used them:

Expressionism? I do want to cry out..

Hyperlapse & comments

Colourizing old movies: I saw great examples of it before and today I discovered that a fellow Dutchman called Rick is doing a really great job in this field. Here an example of his work: The Attack on Pearl Harbour.This blogpost is about something completely different, yet in a way comparable. I chose this example-link… Continue reading Expressionism? I do want to cry out..

Varnishing a Triptych

Oilpainting Pier Scheveningen

I paint not only to produce something beautiful, but also to get in a better mood. Funny: exactly at the half of the video the camera automatically changes the focus and so emphasises the effect of the varnishing.P.S.: I drastically modified the wall on which the triptych is hung to give it a sort of… Continue reading Varnishing a Triptych