Science and a cabinet of curiosities

Decorative bananaplant

I am in the process of writing an extraordinary and comprehensive book review. It is written by the most brilliant man you have probably never heard of: Michael Polanyi. The book is called “Personal Knowledge“. I first read part of it almost 47 years ago and was immediately very impressed. It seemed to me to… Continue reading Science and a cabinet of curiosities

Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

I have quite a few houseplants in my living room. On my tiny balcony, in addition to ornamental plants, I have plants for consumption too. I purchased the spathiphyllum specimen shown here over ten years ago and it did produce some flowers every year. Inspired by my ‘microscopic‘ horticultural activities and observations, a few weeks… Continue reading Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

Kinds of Zen in a roller coaster

>> August 21: added important update. See below. So glad I made this ride in Walibi [1] roller coaster ‘Goliath‘ but not sure if I will ever do it again. My eldest daughter, eldest granddaughter and eldest grandson had challenged me by asking how I would pose for the action photo that is taken of… Continue reading Kinds of Zen in a roller coaster

Botanic behaviour – II

In January this year I made a video about Botanic behaviour and at the beginning of March I wrote an update. When I had already planned to write a new update, I met someone who graduated from Wageningen University quite some time ago. We met because of the most important political topic of today (trans-genderism)… Continue reading Botanic behaviour – II

Diversity: Houses under the Hammer shows bright side of integration

Presenters of Houses under the Hammer: Dion Dublin, Martel Maxwell and Martin Roberts

The long-running BBC TV program Houses under the Hammer is also broadcasted in the Netherlands (Here it is titled with the literal translation: ‘Huizen onder de hamer‘. I would prefer Villa’s en bouwvallen geveild‘, but okay). It is one of only two television programs not meant to be funny I regularly view. It is packed… Continue reading Diversity: Houses under the Hammer shows bright side of integration

Perfection, beauty & shifting perspectives

Perfectionism and beauty

Perfection can’t be wrong, can it? But perfectionism, obsession? Surely any form or degree of OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder) is bad isn’t it? Ordering my cutlery drawer this way started a couple of months ago. I gave the pair of scissors a very precise place in the drawer: not only in its own compartment, but… Continue reading Perfection, beauty & shifting perspectives