Paintings for sale

Far, far away, long, long ago

Thanks to rather ‘special’ actions by Google and Chrome(books), I lost many files. Images, especially. Paintings by my own hand more especially. Because the vast majority of those are still in my possession and at my home, I can take photos of them again. There are also advantages to this. I am now taking a… Continue reading Paintings for sale

Kaïn and Abel, the Hebrews and the demigods

The letter to the Hebrews This so called ‘Bible-reading’ is a little bit different from the first two. Those were aboout the very first book -Genesis- too, but in the letter to the Hebrews that can be found in the New Testament there is a very interesting ‘explanation’ of that tiny passage in the Old… Continue reading Kaïn and Abel, the Hebrews and the demigods

Water, Gender and so on, the Sequel

Zelensky taking a selfie with Mark Rutte and a F-16 ..

About the amazing and very different ways the Dutch opposition leader Thierry Baudet was recently attacked by a Ukrainian terrorist and the Dutch media. How he survived both attacks might possibly turn against long term pm Mark Rutte. General elections are November 22, 2023. Link to one and a half minute video with Klaus Schwab… Continue reading Water, Gender and so on, the Sequel