Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Churchill Lane, Eindhoven Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands. With almost a quarter of a million inhabitants Eindhoven is number five in size in the Netherlands. It had some fame as the hometown of the multinational company Philips and football club PSV.I was in this city for a four-day course of the… Continue reading Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Lunchtime Now and Then

Lunchtime workers 2023 cellphones
Lunchtime 2023

The differences are many, but making this lunchtime photo reminded me of that very famous one of workers on a beam in New York. Not sure if three or just two of these are checking their cellphone.Most of my posts in this category ‘observations’ -even the very first one, about a decaying banana leaf– mention… Continue reading Lunchtime Now and Then

Dissident Dutch Broadcaster under Attack

Anchorwomen and founder of Ongehoord Nederland

The Dutch political climate is not like the Ukraine one. Yet.The most important opposition party (Forum voor democratie) is not forbidden. Yet.The only dissident broadcaster of those funded via tax-money (Ongehoord Nederland ≈ “Unheard (of), neglected Dutch“) is not forbidden. Yet. This video is in support of the broadcaster. I added English subtitles because these… Continue reading Dissident Dutch Broadcaster under Attack

Legitimate aims of those governments

ECHR: office Strasbourg France
“The non morally corrupt judges should speak out on the abuse of the judicial system”

‘Legitimate aims’ of national governments are a deeply worrying element in two of the ECHR-rulings I criticized in so called ‘long texts’ that can be found in the category Judicial Activism. More specifically under the heading Elephants in Courtrooms. It is disgusting. To use an understatement The texts on the two above mentioned ECHR rulings… Continue reading Legitimate aims of those governments

Painting JKRowling

Tribute to JKRowling

My tribute to Joanne Rowling, JKR, painted on a heptagonal self-made, rigid carrier. The next one in this series of tributes is of George Orwell. I actually started working on that one before I started with this one. My pinned tweet says: “If you oppose #misogyny and or nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you… Continue reading Painting JKRowling

Tears of relief at Swedish Superiority

Tears of relief (Can you spot them? Literally?)

This particular and personal story about tears of relief is actually an appeal to read a long, recently translated text of mine: this one. One could blame my emphasis on the idiocy of using that inappropriate use of the term ‘pyramid’ on the fact that worked as a math teacher. I advice you to switch… Continue reading Tears of relief at Swedish Superiority