Oilpainting – portrait – carrier

Great. My brother, still recovering from a major life-saving surgery, made these new heptagonal supports for paintings; Portraits. Next step by me: linen and bone glue.For two of them I already know who is going to be depicted. If you don’t know it it is impossible to distinguish, but through the window you can see… Continue reading Heptoganals

Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Left: Bull-mainframe eigthies, right memorycard today

The first time I ‘used’ a computer was in the early 1970s. At the technical university in Delft. As a student you made a pile of punched cards on a very large, noisy machine into which you had punched your ‘app’ [programs we called those app-lications], values ​​for some parameters and your name and student… Continue reading Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Why was the Uvalde shooter taken out by an off duty cop?

From 2001 ?
Kind of a tribute to Louder With Crowder.

A link to the YouTube channel of Crowder (over 5 million subscribers) and on Rumble (775K subscribers) here and here. Direct link to the specific episode about the Uvalde Shooting here. Steven Crowder is by the way from Canada but is now more American than most citizens of the USA. When he lived in Canada… Continue reading Why was the Uvalde shooter taken out by an off duty cop?

Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime

Vincent van Rijn, Frank Zappa and the church of the small Dutch village Kekerdom are in the background

About a part of the foundation of making that Orwellian concept thoughtcrime into a part of the real world. When Leo Kottke met Bob Dylan. The complete lyrics of the Dylan song.More about the 25-cent wooden carnival cane in Zantzingers hand and the number of children Mrs. Carroll gave birth to, can be found in… Continue reading Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime

Distant Thunder

A delay that turned into a positive thing

Distant Thunder is a one of the descriptions Merriam Webster provides for the word Rumble. Who would not prefer it over talk in a chattering fashion? Important links: About the growth of Rumble Mr. Devin Nunes is at the head of Truth Social


You have found it! The website of the OLD DUTCH PAINTER. Since my retirement I started painting myself and I got more interested in the succesful painters from the low lands from centuries ago. Much longer ago I got interested in politics. In this century this interest got strong new boosts from 9/11 and the… Continue reading Welcome