Botanic behaviour: the Monstera Deliciosa

At home

Only those who viewed a considerable number of videos from this Old Dutch Painter could have seen it coming: a video with observations and experiments with this special house plant, Monstera Deliciosa, especially its aerial roots. And yes: its fruit is edible but you have to be careful!To be honest I never had the privilege… Continue reading Botanic behaviour: the Monstera Deliciosa

The very little known ‘Atatürk’

How coincidental do you want it?In October 1927, Kemal Mustapha gave a speech that lasted six days. Yes, Fidel Castro certainly fell short of that with his six or eight hour speeches. When I was preparing my book “IS, the Kurds and the Caliphate. Turkey: from sick occupant to paranoid neighbor”. [The footer contains a… Continue reading The very little known ‘Atatürk’

First Exposition

Funny. I showed some paintings in a nicely positioned booth at #NationaleKunstdagen in Gorcum, but I was bothered by people who walked too close around the corner and so too close to the paintings. The organization found the graceful improvised barrier I added sufficiently ‘creative’.

Stupid, partisan fact checkers can be right

Opposition MP mentions the nickname of the university visited by vice premier Kaag and all ministers leave the session of the House of Representatives where they would be accountable for their policy plans.
Some fake news, no: creepy history, from Barack Houssein Obama

About racism, not 100% nonsensical political statements and counter productive slander. Links: The clip and its source on YouTube: The original fact check P.S.: The ‘featured’ image accompanying this video is a still from a video by the Dutch governments broadcaster ‘NOS’. Many photos were made of the incident in parliament, but remarkably Google could… Continue reading Stupid, partisan fact checkers can be right


At first I wondered from which country this numberplate could be. Only three letters means: less than 17576, probably less than 8000 cars in all of the country. At home I saw the Porsche owner made his own modifications. Should we call it streetart?


Oilpainting – portrait – carrier

Great. My brother, still recovering from a major life-saving surgery, made these new heptagonal supports for paintings; Portraits. Next step by me: linen and bone glue.For two of them I already know who is going to be depicted. If you don’t know it it is impossible to distinguish, but through the window you can see… Continue reading Heptoganals

Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Left: Bull-mainframe eigthies, right memorycard today

The first time I ‘used’ a computer was in the early 1970s. At the technical university in Delft. As a student you made a pile of punched cards on a very large, noisy machine into which you had punched your ‘app’ [programs we called those app-lications], values ​​for some parameters and your name and student… Continue reading Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Why was the Uvalde shooter taken out by an off duty cop?

From 2001 ?
Kind of a tribute to Louder With Crowder.

A link to the YouTube channel of Crowder (over 5 million subscribers) and on Rumble (775K subscribers) here and here. Direct link to the specific episode about the Uvalde Shooting here. Steven Crowder is by the way from Canada but is now more American than most citizens of the USA. When he lived in Canada… Continue reading Why was the Uvalde shooter taken out by an off duty cop?