Misogynists abusing DSD-victims

Last Sunday, the third and most successful edition of the Dutch LetWomenSpeak took place in Utrecht.Soon all the speeches of the speakers will be available to hear and watch, but for two very different reasons here are three quarters of a minute from a justifiably angry young woman. As with the first edition, the story… Continue reading Misogynists abusing DSD-victims

Tribute to David Reimer

Tribute to David Reimer

And a call to express solidarity with JK Rowling April 1st, 2024 A couple of months ago I made a video (+podcast) about me in my paintings gradually focusing more on making portraits and more specifically tributes. In this video I zoom in on one such portrait: my tribute to David Reimer. My praise for… Continue reading Tribute to David Reimer

The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Trump Derangement Syndrome

(De Nederlands gesproken podcast is te beluisteren via Spotify) A book review of possibly the most idiot book I ever read all the way through. It took me some time to really let sink in that it was nothing more, nothing less than a very wierd and very elaborate hit piece about .. Donald Trump.… Continue reading The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Erasing history and repairing the past


Or: The fathomless madness at western Universities The audio of this video features as Dutch podcast (Here at spotify). It is the first post in the new sub-category ‘Shadowbanning and censorship‘. Links promised in the video / podcast: Detail of my painting to commemorate the brothers De Witt, murdered by Dutch Orangists. See also the… Continue reading Erasing history and repairing the past

Kaïn and Abel, the Hebrews and the demigods

The letter to the Hebrews This so called ‘Bible-reading’ is a little bit different from the first two. Those were aboout the very first book -Genesis- too, but in the letter to the Hebrews that can be found in the New Testament there is a very interesting ‘explanation’ of that tiny passage in the Old… Continue reading Kaïn and Abel, the Hebrews and the demigods

SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

The Poison Cup and Der Neue Untermensch

Only a small fraction of scientists and medical practitioners worldwide in recent years resisted the unfolding circus of lies surrounding SARS_CoV_2 the lab leak and the actually extremely experimental mRNA vaccins.  In many countries, these heroes showed their backbones of steel despite almost unlimited hate campaigns against them by spineless colleagues, extremely stupid or -more… Continue reading SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’