J. Cook on repeat: ‘consensus’ and the scientists

Take note: 2 minutes further in the interview he repeats this statement!

The reason for this article is twofold: a remarkable article on a strange Dutch website and an atypical reaction under an earlier article of mine about ‘climate denier’ as badge of honor. I’ll start with the more important of the two: an article written by one Kim de Roder. Actually, not Roder’s discussion contribution itself,… Continue reading J. Cook on repeat: ‘consensus’ and the scientists

Looking at a beheading or a totally mutilated vagina

Hanny Lightfoot-Klein: the most beautiful woman in the world?

There are pieces on both topics from the title of this text in my book Islamophobiaⁱ, which do not differ much in size, but about female genital mutilation (FGM) I actually wrote calmer than about the  beheadings. After I had seen a video clip of the truly Furious Ann Barnhardt (with three capital  letters), famous… Continue reading Looking at a beheading or a totally mutilated vagina

Thank you, Google!

My book Islamophobia (in Dutch) and faction novel under pseudonym.
But now I do the opposite ..

The short video speaks for itself.Only after I made the video I noticed that this self declared best islam scholar ever also mentions his mentor in the USA, after he had fled Turkey: a Mr. Khalifa. In my first book (Islamophobia? – only available in Dutch) I dedicated a section, titled 19?, on page 119-120.… Continue reading Thank you, Google!

How many more popes?

Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls, Rome

About four years ago I visited Rome with my brother (I was mainly looking for more inspiration for a sequel to my Dutch faction-novel Alexandra’s Reis). During a long walk our attention was drawn to this enormous building. It has a really impressive exterior, visible from afar. It was less impressive than St. Peter’s Basilica,… Continue reading How many more popes?

No, not canonising WSC

.. only half jokingly ..
The paintings in the background are not related to the contents of this video. These are old paintings: from 2019. The woman is my grandmother who died in 1925 …

This video is about quite a number of different subjects. One of those is the really very peculiar aspect of religious doctrines on “superstitions and false religions”. Links: Last week’s video.The article by George Mitchell.The article by the Sahara Reporters.The article by the British anti-Churchill, anti-Trump professor.


Restaurant 1453

This is a photo of a Turkish -or should I say Ottoman?- restaurant in Scheveningen, near The Hague, Netherlands.1453 is the year Turkish ruler Erdogan often brags about: it was the year the Turkish invaders of Anatolia conquered and devastated the christian city Constantinople, in effect terminating the Byzantine Empire. Do any search on the… Continue reading Imagine…

Not your average Whit Sunday sermon

From a video about my parents and the 7th day adventists.

A video about a longer text. In a way it is a video about the huge difference between Europe and the USA. To quote Randy Newman: Step out into the light You’re the best dream man has ever dreamed And may all your Christmases be white While I made the video I was again amazed… Continue reading Not your average Whit Sunday sermon