Erasing history and repairing the past


Or: The fathomless madness at western Universities The audio of this video features as Dutch podcast (Here at spotify). It is the first post in the new sub-category ‘Shadowbanning and censorship‘. Links promised in the video / podcast: Detail of my painting to commemorate the brothers De Witt, murdered by Dutch Orangists. See also the… Continue reading Erasing history and repairing the past

Modest science versus criminally arrogant tinkering

Fortunately, there are many, and more and more, people worldwide who are extremely critical of Bill Gates. A crucial aspect is almost always left out of consideration, however. Very often critical comments and reflections are exclusively about the man’s wrong intentions. What is missing is an emphasis on his skills and limitations. There can be… Continue reading Modest science versus criminally arrogant tinkering

Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus

Remember David Reimer I will begin my review of Miriam Grossman’s phenomenal ‘Lost in Trans Nation‘ – like that book itself – by recalling the horrific fate of David Reimer. Reimer was the most ‘outspoken’ victim of the terrible John Money, referred to here as Mengele 2.0.. When he was a seven-month-old baby, David –… Continue reading Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus

Botanic behaviour – II

In January this year I made a video about Botanic behaviour and at the beginning of March I wrote an update. When I had already planned to write a new update, I met someone who graduated from Wageningen University quite some time ago. We met because of the most important political topic of today (trans-genderism)… Continue reading Botanic behaviour – II

Non self-reading & tangible mail

Mainframe from the eighties versus memory card 128 gigabytes

In a video by a sympathetic duo of Dutch bloggers (Bakkie met Bergsma en Bennink) I came across the call to make more use of old-fashioned, tangible mail instead of e-mail, Whatsapp, Twitter and the like. A very good idea for several reasons! One reason they haven’t mentioned yet though, and I’ll go into that… Continue reading Non self-reading & tangible mail

SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

The Poison Cup and Der Neue Untermensch

Only a small fraction of scientists and medical practitioners worldwide in recent years resisted the unfolding circus of lies surrounding SARS_CoV_2 the lab leak and the actually extremely experimental mRNA vaccins.  In many countries, these heroes showed their backbones of steel despite almost unlimited hate campaigns against them by spineless colleagues, extremely stupid or -more… Continue reading SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’