Rejoicing at Revelation horror

The big church in Schiedam, Netherlands was named after its location (Frankelandsekerk) and after a local saint Liduina.

Hardly any bible reading this time although that tag does fit this video. My father died a year before this church was demolished. A few years ago there was some kind of a contest in the Netherlands wherein this church was named as one of the most beautiful demolished buildings. My family regularly visited its… Continue reading Rejoicing at Revelation horror

Imagine all politicians.And world peace.

"With Professor Harari"

Sing alongwith Lennon, John: Imagine all politicians over all the wo-o-rld.Countries working together and listening to us, scienctists.And World Peace, of course. (Link to my all time favorite movie clip. With Sandra Bullock.) Links:The long Japanese videoYes, Yuval Noah Harari is a member of the World Economic Forum.The Times of Israel articleNote on the absulutely… Continue reading Imagine all politicians.And world peace.

Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime

Vincent van Rijn, Frank Zappa and the church of the small Dutch village Kekerdom are in the background

About a part of the foundation of making that Orwellian concept thoughtcrime into a part of the real world. When Leo Kottke met Bob Dylan. The complete lyrics of the Dylan song.More about the 25-cent wooden carnival cane in Zantzingers hand and the number of children Mrs. Carroll gave birth to, can be found in… Continue reading Bob Dylan and that actually lethal thoughtcrime