Boomers and communist- versus history- bubbles

Boomer is a strange word. According to the Oxford dictionary (for example) it has two different meanings. Very different meanings. Especially the so-called ‘disambiguation’ page of ‘Boomer’ in Wikipedia is an illustration of why that medium has such a bad name. As so often, the Dutch version compares badly with the English version: Babyboom (demografie),… Continue reading Boomers and communist- versus history- bubbles

An insulting goodie bag

Ranting about an insulting goodie bag? Actually it is about that horrible combination of incompetence and arrogance. Sometimes I get this impression that in no country but mine it is such a widespread phenomenon. And it is not limited to ‘politicians’ and ‘journalists’. This combination is also self-evident for many civil servants. (I have made… Continue reading An insulting goodie bag

Total preemptive war, to outsmart evolution

Ambitions can be criminal

When it comes to the phenomenon called ‘Gain of Function’ criminal is even still an understatement. It is pure evil. Hence the title. A couple of months ago three versions of the book “Viral. The Search for the Origin of COVID-19” were number 1, 2 and 3 in Amazon’s bestsellers’ list. In Bacteriology …. Direct link… Continue reading Total preemptive war, to outsmart evolution

The Bitchute-dilemma and those cyclopean challenges for Elon Musk

Much more worried now than I was 11 years ago.

Judging by the assassments of his opponents – not least on wikipedia – Elon Musk is really doing a great job. The categories of this website -49:49 and others- can be found at the bottom of every page of this website. Link to the video that is so difficult to classify by Rumble.

No, not canonising WSC

.. only half jokingly ..
The paintings in the background are not related to the contents of this video. These are old paintings: from 2019. The woman is my grandmother who died in 1925 …

This video is about quite a number of different subjects. One of those is the really very peculiar aspect of religious doctrines on “superstitions and false religions”. Links: Last week’s video.The article by George Mitchell.The article by the Sahara Reporters.The article by the British anti-Churchill, anti-Trump professor.

A military cemetery in Spremberg: Sonst Nichts…

Mourning Mother On the 'Sowjetischer Soldaten Friedhof'

Bismarck laid the foundation for the Third Reich Like all videos at ODP this one is meant as a warning against dismissing history. I sincerely hope that simply showing some images of this cemetery helps a little bit in resisting hysteria, hoaxing and war-mongering. In these times it is good to think a little bit… Continue reading A military cemetery in Spremberg: Sonst Nichts…