Why Donald Trump

Remarkable, funny almost, to what extent my text about Donald Trump resembles the one about Winston Churchill.Churchill occupies such a prominent place on this site that his ‘portrait’ is even used here as a symbol of our civilisation and our history. Trump occupies a similar place as a symbol of resistance to the undermining of… Continue reading Why Donald Trump

Allow me to introduce myself

First video on the OldDutchPainter-Youtube channel.
Uploaded also to Bitchute.

I did not expect this so soon, but unfortunately YouTube already censors my canal. So if you want to see this or other videos from this channel: use the link to Bitchute

Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities

This piece is about transgenderism. Not to be confused with hermaphroditism, intersexuality or (gender) dysphoria. And it is about what is in the title. I explain difficult words separately, except for the word I made up myself, transgenderism: that agenda. That’s what the whole piece is about. Handicapped or challenged? Contrary to what the title, the… Continue reading Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities


A crucial aspect of painting of course is observing. A special aspect of starting to paint, especially at an advanced age, is a change in appreciation in almost everything. The leaves of a banana plant (it is not a tree!) decay after a remarkably short time. Earlier in my life I would never have noticed… Continue reading Decay


You have found it! The website of the OLD DUTCH PAINTER and his anti-nihilist, anti-communist, pro-civilization friends.A video about the reason to start this website can be found: HERE (Allow me to introduce myself), a video about Retreating from Social Media can be found on Bitchute : HERE. Take note: some Tech Giants provide a… Continue reading Welcome