Lies, damned lies, statistics and criminology

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Differences in sentencing in similar cases? This Long TEXT was the second non-peer review of the (now defunct) Dutch website ‘Emperors & Clothes’ (Keizers & Kleren). I discussed the article Differences in sentencing in similar cases that appeared in episode 2012-11 of the Dutch Legal Journal (‘Nederlands Juristenblad’ (NJB)). In publishing this English translation, I… Continue reading Lies, damned lies, statistics and criminology


Centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands

It is the roof of a train at the station with a cut out of the city office. In itself the office is huge and ugly.

Why exactly no placebo punishments?

Longer texts

In 2009, the Journal of Criminology [A Dutch journal, ‘Tijdschrift voor Criminologie, hence: ‘TVC’ further on] published the article “Recidivism after community service and after prison sentences”. The authors claimed to have demonstrated that offenders reoffend less after community service than after a prison sentence. At the beginning of 2011, the study was the subject… Continue reading Why exactly no placebo punishments?

Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Left: Bull-mainframe eigthies, right memorycard today

The first time I ‘used’ a computer was in the early 1970s. At the technical university in Delft. As a student you made a pile of punched cards on a very large, noisy machine into which you had punched your ‘app’ [programs we called those app-lications], values ​​for some parameters and your name and student… Continue reading Kilobytes vs Gigabytes

Thank you, Google!

My book Islamophobia (in Dutch) and faction novel under pseudonym.
But now I do the opposite ..

The short video speaks for itself.Only after I made the video I noticed that this self declared best islam scholar ever also mentions his mentor in the USA, after he had fled Turkey: a Mr. Khalifa. In my first book (Islamophobia? – only available in Dutch) I dedicated a section, titled 19?, on page 119-120.… Continue reading Thank you, Google!