Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Churchill Lane, Eindhoven Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands. With almost a quarter of a million inhabitants Eindhoven is number five in size in the Netherlands. It had some fame as the hometown of the multinational company Philips and football club PSV.I was in this city for a four-day course of the… Continue reading Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Painting JKRowling

Tribute to JKRowling

My tribute to Joanne Rowling, JKR, painted on a heptagonal self-made, rigid carrier. The next one in this series of tributes is of George Orwell. I actually started working on that one before I started with this one. My pinned tweet says: “If you oppose #misogyny and or nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you… Continue reading Painting JKRowling

Sensationally educational painting

Sensationally educational

Sensationally educational. Painting is a verb here!This is kind of a sequel to last week’s post: ‘Chalk on black paper‘. About a year ago I made the painting on the right. (Here, the blogpost after observing it at sunset!). Now I am painting on another wall and a door. While I am doing that, I… Continue reading Sensationally educational painting

Quick experiment: chalk on black paper

Chalk on black paper

Last week I mentioned I was going to participate in a four-day painting workshop by one of the best, if not the best traditional artisan painter in the Netherlands. Due to coincidental circumstances just today -for the first time in my life- I made this drawing with chalk on black paper. It was surprisingly educational: partly thanks to… Continue reading Quick experiment: chalk on black paper

Mona Lisa + Minerva = Monerva

Detail of sun-blocking painting Monerva

In the catalog I made for the first exhibition of my oil paintings, I wrote that the first painting I made this century was a quick ‘Van Gogh self-portrait‘ (see below) in gouache.It wasn’t until after that exhibition that I realized that wasn’t quite right. I made the painting ‘Monerva‘ of which you see a… Continue reading Mona Lisa + Minerva = Monerva

More (post) impressionism?


Soon I will have the honor to participate in a four-day painting workshop by Cornelis Le Mair. One of the best, if not the best traditional artisan painter in the Netherlands. He has been painting for more than half a century and demonstrates and teaches the technique of the old masters. Those other kind of… Continue reading More (post) impressionism?