Painting Tributes

A podcast about paintings?

>> Podcast BELUISTEREN kan via deze link >> This is a slideshow associated with a podcast. And with English subtitles. It is referring to quite a number of blogposts and some podcasts I made before. Here are the links to those: More about my atheism. My ‘Rembrandt as St. Paul features as the home button… Continue reading Painting Tributes

For sale: Dead Robin

Dead Robin (2019)

In 2019 I made my first oil paintings.This one is called ‘Dead Robin‘. It is 40 cm high, 30 wide; Oil on wood (MDF). This blog post is one of a series about work I have not previously shown here on the OldDutchPainter. I made it impulsively: when I started painting it I didn’t know… Continue reading For sale: Dead Robin

Paintings for sale

Far, far away, long, long ago

Thanks to rather ‘special’ actions by Google and Chrome(books), I lost many files. Images, especially. Paintings by my own hand more especially. Because the vast majority of those are still in my possession and at my home, I can take photos of them again. There are also advantages to this. I am now taking a… Continue reading Paintings for sale

Impression of a surreal reality

No Old Dutch Painter from the 17th century –or any other century before the twentieth– could have created a painting like this! For a host of reasons. Nothing even remotely resembling what can be seen here under that cloud cover existed yet. Those colossal high-voltage pylons, which are dwarfed by the overwhelming number of even… Continue reading Impression of a surreal reality

When Narendra Modi got fed up

Narendra Modi

The Gujarat Riots in 2002 There is a good chance that a lie campaign against President Narendra Modi will soon erupt again worldwide. Very soon his 73nd birthday will be celebrated on a large scale and next year there will be elections for the Lok Sabha: the House of Commons of India. Most likely the… Continue reading When Narendra Modi got fed up

Tribute to Narendra Modi

This tribute to India’s both very successful and popular prime minister Narendra Modi I painted with alkyd. He is the leader of the by far biggest democracy in the world and under his leadership -since 2002- India is doing very well economically. Western fools Allmost every single politician, journalist and ‘political scientist’ in the West… Continue reading Tribute to Narendra Modi