Botanic behaviour – II

In January this year I made a video about Botanic behaviour and at the beginning of March I wrote an update. When I had already planned to write a new update, I met someone who graduated from Wageningen University quite some time ago. We met because of the most important political topic of today (trans-genderism)… Continue reading Botanic behaviour – II

Boomers and communist- versus history- bubbles

Boomer is a strange word. According to the Oxford dictionary (for example) it has two different meanings. Very different meanings. Especially the so-called ‘disambiguation’ page of ‘Boomer’ in Wikipedia is an illustration of why that medium has such a bad name. As so often, the Dutch version compares badly with the English version: Babyboom (demografie),… Continue reading Boomers and communist- versus history- bubbles

Modi meets islamophilia in the White House

This blog post is mainly about the joint press conference Joe Biden and Narendra Modi recently gave at the White House, June 23, 2023. The contrast between the decaying American and the phenomenal statesman from the largest democracy in the world was so great that I felt as if I was watching a surrealist play.… Continue reading Modi meets islamophilia in the White House

Non self-reading & tangible mail

Mainframe from the eighties versus memory card 128 gigabytes

In a video by a sympathetic duo of Dutch bloggers (Bakkie met Bergsma en Bennink) I came across the call to make more use of old-fashioned, tangible mail instead of e-mail, Whatsapp, Twitter and the like. A very good idea for several reasons! One reason they haven’t mentioned yet though, and I’ll go into that… Continue reading Non self-reading & tangible mail