Painting Tributes

A podcast about paintings?

This is a slideshow associated with a podcast. And with English subtitles. Go to the podcast. It is referring to quite a number of blogposts and some podcasts I made before. Here are the links to those: More about my atheism. My ‘Rembrandt as St. Paul features as the home button on this site. More… Continue reading Painting Tributes

Paintings for sale

Far, far away, long, long ago

Thanks to rather ‘special’ actions by Google and Chrome(books), I lost many files. Images, especially. Paintings by my own hand more especially. Because the vast majority of those are still in my possession and at my home, I can take photos of them again. There are also advantages to this. I am now taking a… Continue reading Paintings for sale

Sharing their god or their hatred?

The first video here that also serves as a basis for a podcast: a podcast in Dutch from an English subtitled video. It deals with the similarities, the relationships and the differences among those Abrahamic Religions. The reason to make this video and podcast NOW is of course October 7, 2023: the terrorist attack on… Continue reading Sharing their god or their hatred?

The hatred between Sunnis and Shiites in Egypt

OR: the self-evidence of totalitarianism in the Mohammedan world This is the English version, shortened and slightly updated, of a Dutch text I wrote in August 2013. “More than two years ago I wrote a rather long and in-depth article [in Dutch] entitled Arab Spring or Mohammedan Autumn?That was well before Morsi, as candidate for… Continue reading The hatred between Sunnis and Shiites in Egypt

Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

I have quite a few houseplants in my living room. On my tiny balcony, in addition to ornamental plants, I have plants for consumption too. I purchased the spathiphyllum specimen shown here over ten years ago and it did produce some flowers every year. Inspired by my ‘microscopic‘ horticultural activities and observations, a few weeks… Continue reading Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

Leninism was never eradicated

The only video (so far) that I did not record in the Netherlands, I made in Germany near the border with Poland. It was about Bismarck, Russian soldiers and Soviet rule. Title: A military cemetery in Spremberg: “Sonst Nichts“. ‘Sonst Nichts’ was part of a slogan often used by the terrible Bismarck, who laid the… Continue reading Leninism was never eradicated