Naar een 654mei-comité

Het is heel moeilijk te voorspellen hoe dit jaar de de Dodenherdenking zal verlopen. Het is niet uit te sluiten dat het dit jaar niet zal blijven bij het voetballen met kransen, zoals in eerdere jaren gebeurde. In 2003 rapporteerde zelfs de voormalige verzetskrant Trouw daar nog over. Het is ook mogelijk dat de sluwere… Continue reading Naar een 654mei-comité

“The better type of peace diplomacy”?

Scheveningen, Kurhaus September 25 2020, Photo of this specific exhibition of it in the ‘Kurhaus’ by the Old Dutch Painter. The title of this blogpost is the caption beside those photos … The question mark is added by me, of course. When you look for a possible original source of this photo of the Dutch… Continue reading “The better type of peace diplomacy”?

The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Trump Derangement Syndrome

(De Nederlands gesproken podcast is te beluisteren via Spotify) A book review of possibly the most idiot book I ever read all the way through. It took me some time to really let sink in that it was nothing more, nothing less than a very wierd and very elaborate hit piece about .. Donald Trump.… Continue reading The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Erasing history and repairing the past


Or: The fathomless madness at western Universities The audio of this video features as Dutch podcast (Here at spotify). It is the first post in the new sub-category ‘Shadowbanning and censorship‘. Links promised in the video / podcast: Detail of my painting to commemorate the brothers De Witt, murdered by Dutch Orangists. See also the… Continue reading Erasing history and repairing the past

Painting Tributes

A podcast about paintings?

>> Podcast BELUISTEREN kan via deze link >> This is a slideshow associated with a podcast. And with English subtitles. It is referring to quite a number of blogposts and some podcasts I made before. Here are the links to those: More about my atheism. My ‘Rembrandt as St. Paul features as the home button… Continue reading Painting Tributes

Paintings for sale

Far, far away, long, long ago

Thanks to rather ‘special’ actions by Google and Chrome(books), I lost many files. Images, especially. Paintings by my own hand more especially. Because the vast majority of those are still in my possession and at my home, I can take photos of them again. There are also advantages to this. I am now taking a… Continue reading Paintings for sale