And so it started …

Take note: 2 minutes further in the interview he repeats this statement!
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Climategate -the scandal- started with scientists aligning with activists, like this Leila Conners. Back in 2006 she interviewed climate prophet Stephen Schneider († 2010). In 2018 I wrote a long text about this amazing interview in Dutch. In 2022 I translated it into English and only then the horror really sunk in: a scientist who… Continue reading And so it started …

The suffering of the climate prophet

Stephen Schneider

When considering running for a seat in the Provincial Council I started reading the complete IPCC report, however, I got stuck on page XI. The Synthesis Report 2014 turned out to be officially dedicated to Mr. Stephen Schneider, who -for that reason- can be called climate prophet. I use that term climate prophet for the… Continue reading The suffering of the climate prophet


Oilpainting – portrait – carrier

Great. My brother, still recovering from a major life-saving surgery, made these new heptagonal supports for paintings; Portraits. Next step by me: linen and bone glue.For two of them I already know who is going to be depicted. If you don’t know it it is impossible to distinguish, but through the window you can see… Continue reading Heptagonals

No, not canonising WSC

.. only half jokingly ..
The paintings in the background are not related to the contents of this video. These are old paintings: from 2019. The woman is my grandmother who died in 1925 …

This video is about quite a number of different subjects. One of those is the really very peculiar aspect of religious doctrines on “superstitions and false religions”. Links: Last week’s video.The article by George Mitchell.The article by the Sahara Reporters.The article by the British anti-Churchill, anti-Trump professor.