Painting Tributes

A podcast about paintings?

>> Podcast BELUISTEREN kan via deze link >> This is a slideshow associated with a podcast. And with English subtitles. It is referring to quite a number of blogposts and some podcasts I made before. Here are the links to those: More about my atheism. My ‘Rembrandt as St. Paul features as the home button… Continue reading Painting Tributes

Churchill and a pantomime baddie

I never heard that expression before: ‘pantomime baddie’. About half a year ago it already became clear to me that I was going to cancel my membership of the International Churchill Society. Another half year earlier I became a member after finding out what a great source of information it provided (see both ’embedded links’… Continue reading Churchill and a pantomime baddie

Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Churchill Laan, Eindhoven Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands. With almost a quarter of a million inhabitants Eindhoven is number five in size in the Netherlands. It had some fame as the hometown of the multinational company Philips and football club PSV.I was in this city for a four-day course of the… Continue reading Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Conquering ‘Africa’ early 16th century?

Painting by Gaspar de Crayer: Charles V conquers ‘Africa’

One of Winston Churchill’s most inspiring quotes is ‘Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft ‘ [1]. Paintings can aid in the study of history too. At least if you do not just superficially look at the image! De Crayer was a court painter to the governors of what is… Continue reading Conquering ‘Africa’ early 16th century?

What a shame: linking Zelensky to Churchill

For sale
The painting is called ‘DECEMBER 26, 1941’

A little good news about Jordan B Peterson and very bad news about the International Churchill Society, Zelensky and Climategate.And a little news about the painting. Initially I was considering to offer a painted tribute to Churchill, the greatest statesman ever, to Boris Johnson. In the USA. In May ’22 I was pleased to find… Continue reading What a shame: linking Zelensky to Churchill

Paintings from ’20, ’21 & ’22

(Not a real) Rembrandt van Rijn, Winston Churchill, Steven Crowder

I am looking forward to my first participation in a major live art exhibition.November 19 and 20 next. In Gorinchem, in the middle of the Netherlands.Close to 200 artists, mostly painters, show their work. My contribution mainly consists of the paintings shown here that I made in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (I started painting in… Continue reading Paintings from ’20, ’21 & ’22