Leninism was never eradicated

The only video (so far) that I did not record in the Netherlands, I made in Germany near the border with Poland. It was about Bismarck, Russian soldiers and Soviet rule. Title: A military cemetery in Spremberg: “Sonst Nichts“. ‘Sonst Nichts’ was part of a slogan often used by the terrible Bismarck, who laid the… Continue reading Leninism was never eradicated

Het leninisme werd nooit vernietigd

De (tot nu toe) enige video die ik niet in Nederland opnam, maakte ik in Duitsland tegen de grens met Polen. Die ging over Bismarck, Russische soldaten en sovjet-heerschappij. Titel: A military cemetery in Spremberg: “Sonst Nichts”. ‘Sonst Nichts’ was onderdeel van een leus die vaak gebruikt werd door de verschrikkelijke Bismarck, die de fundering… Continue reading Het leninisme werd nooit vernietigd

Painting, varnishing and printing

JKRowling and George Orwell

I forgot to mention in the clip that I am not applying the final varnish here. On a traditional painting the final varnish is applied at least a year after completing the actual painting. This blogpost is about ‘retouching varnish’. This varnishing creates unity in the painting, especially by reducing differences in tarnishness. I call… Continue reading Painting, varnishing and printing

Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Churchill Laan, Eindhoven Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands. With almost a quarter of a million inhabitants Eindhoven is number five in size in the Netherlands. It had some fame as the hometown of the multinational company Philips and football club PSV.I was in this city for a four-day course of the… Continue reading Churchill Boulevards and Orwell lanes

Painting JKRowling

Tribute to JKRowling

My tribute to Joanne Rowling, JKR, painted on a heptagonal self-made, rigid carrier. The next one in this series of tributes is of George Orwell. I actually started working on that one before I started with this one. My pinned tweet says: “If you oppose #misogyny and or nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you… Continue reading Painting JKRowling

Elephants in courtrooms -III-: “Legitimate aims”

ECHR: office Strasbourg France

This is the third article on the European Court of Human Rights and judicial activism. To start with the conclusion: we have to get rid of this Court. Not because everything these ladies and gentlemen say is equally nonsensical. But because of their judicial activism. Even more so because it suits so many politicians perfectly… Continue reading Elephants in courtrooms -III-: “Legitimate aims”