Polanyi: ‘Personal knowledge’ a.k.a. integrity

Michael Polanyi, author of 'Personal Knowledge'

About a month ago, in an article about cultivating bananas (!), I announced writing this extraordinary and comprehensive book review. The book I now review here was written by the most brilliant man you possibly never heard of: Michael Polanyi.The book is called “Personal Knowledge“. From ‘atheist-materialist’ Galileo Circle in Budapest … First, something about… Continue reading Polanyi: ‘Personal knowledge’ a.k.a. integrity

The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

Trump Derangement Syndrome

(De Nederlands gesproken podcast is te beluisteren via Spotify) A book review of possibly the most idiot book I ever read all the way through. It took me some time to really let sink in that it was nothing more, nothing less than a very wierd and very elaborate hit piece about .. Donald Trump.… Continue reading The middle fingers of Jack Ruby and Dan Abrams

When Narendra Modi got fed up

Narendra Modi

The Gujarat Riots in 2002 There is a good chance that a lie campaign against President Narendra Modi will soon erupt again worldwide. Very soon his 73nd birthday will be celebrated on a large scale and next year there will be elections for the Lok Sabha: the House of Commons of India. Most likely the… Continue reading When Narendra Modi got fed up

Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus

Remember David Reimer I will begin my review of Miriam Grossman’s phenomenal ‘Lost in Trans Nation‘ – like that book itself – by recalling the horrific fate of David Reimer. Reimer was the most ‘outspoken’ victim of the terrible John Money, referred to here as Mengele 2.0.. When he was a seven-month-old baby, David –… Continue reading Mengele 2.0 and the Castro Consensus

SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

The Poison Cup and Der Neue Untermensch

Only a small fraction of scientists and medical practitioners worldwide in recent years resisted the unfolding circus of lies surrounding SARS_CoV_2 the lab leak and the actually extremely experimental mRNA vaccins.  In many countries, these heroes showed their backbones of steel despite almost unlimited hate campaigns against them by spineless colleagues, extremely stupid or -more… Continue reading SARS_CoV_2 & ‘der neue Untermensch’

Starting ‘history’ at date of your own birth or foundation

German chancellor receives Kalergi Prize from the hands of some Liechtenstein aristocrat

Among other things this text is about the history and present day importance of the highly acclaimed insanely insane count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. This count produced absurdly racist texts, yet an award named after him has been handed to numerous presidents and prime ministers (and one violinist). It is preferably presented by men of nobility.… Continue reading Starting ‘history’ at date of your own birth or foundation