Erasing history and repairing the past

A special form of censorship

Or: The fathomless madness at western Universities

The audio of this video features as Dutch podcast (Here at spotify). It is the first post in the new sub-category ‘Shadowbanning and censorship‘.

Links promised in the video / podcast:

Detail of my painting to commemorate the brothers De Witt, murdered by Dutch Orangists.

See also the video about Painting Tributes (of beluister de bijbehorende (Nederlandse) podcast) or my video about the lynching of the brothers.

Link to blogpost about Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. (the painting of Trump in the ‘banner’/menu leads to a category ‘What Does Donald Do’)

The book by Van der Vossen and Brennan (‘In Defense of Openness: Why Global Freedom Is the Humane Solution to Global Poverty ‘).
Quote from introduction of chapter two:

Threat of arrest and punishment may not deter illegal immigration

The CommonWealth by the way is a so old, neutral and respected organization that the Dutch have their own name for it: Gemenebest.

Blogposts and videos I produced about science and about Mister Polanyi more in particular, can be found in the category CO2 (14 blogposts) and in the category science (26 blogposts).

This one is a good start.

P.S.: Link naar dat Nederlandse stuk over Koopmans, dat ik aan het einde noem.

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