The Andromeda Galaxy & scientific observations

Figurative or expressionistic?

New oilpainting, definitely not a portrait. But is it even figurative? I started with the idea of making a ‘quick’ painting of ‘the’ Universe‘. (Did you know that the catholics burnt someone -who absolutely believed in Jesus etc- at the stake for suggesting there was more than one universe?) Astronomist nowadays are quite sure the… Continue reading The Andromeda Galaxy & scientific observations

Tribute to Narendra Modi

This tribute to India’s both very successful and popular prime minister Narendra Modi I painted with alkyd. He is the leader of the by far biggest democracy in the world and under his leadership -since 2002- India is doing very well economically. Western fools Allmost every single politician, journalist and ‘political scientist’ in the West… Continue reading Tribute to Narendra Modi

Vegetal still life vs portrait

Vegetal colours

Number two of four exercises before I start working on my next portrait in my series of tributes on heptagonal carriers. I was so pleased with this one that I not only signed the painting but also framed it. I wanted to practice two things in particular: working with Alkyd paint and with colors. After… Continue reading Vegetal still life vs portrait