Water, Gender and so on, the Sequel

Zelensky taking a selfie with Mark Rutte and a F-16 ..

About the amazing and very different ways the Dutch opposition leader Thierry Baudet was recently attacked by a Ukrainian terrorist and the Dutch media. How he survived both attacks might possibly turn against long term pm Mark Rutte. General elections are November 22, 2023. Link to one and a half minute video with Klaus Schwab… Continue reading Water, Gender and so on, the Sequel

Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

I have quite a few houseplants in my living room. On my tiny balcony, in addition to ornamental plants, I have plants for consumption too. I purchased the spathiphyllum specimen shown here over ten years ago and it did produce some flowers every year. Inspired by my ‘microscopic‘ horticultural activities and observations, a few weeks… Continue reading Phosphorus Fertilizer and ‘Prepping’

Victims of a Magnificent Conspiracy

Beautiful part of ongoing conspiracy? The tweet reads "on our way to the Zuiderpark".

Every second of every day somewhere in the world a new conspiracy, big or small, is being hatched while work on others is being continued.Recently I was one of the many victims of a magnificent conspiracy. The conspiracy involved a farmers protest in my home country on March 11, 2023. A protest against a policy… Continue reading Victims of a Magnificent Conspiracy

Dissident Dutch Broadcaster under Attack

Anchorwomen and founder of Ongehoord Nederland

The Dutch political climate is not like the Ukraine one. Yet.The most important opposition party (Forum voor democratie) is not forbidden. Yet.The only dissident broadcaster of those funded via tax-money (Ongehoord Nederland ≈ “Unheard (of), neglected Dutch“) is not forbidden. Yet. This video is in support of the broadcaster. I added English subtitles because these… Continue reading Dissident Dutch Broadcaster under Attack

The Bitchute-dilemma and those cyclopean challenges for Elon Musk

Much more worried now than I was 11 years ago.

Judging by the assassments of his opponents – not least on wikipedia – Elon Musk is really doing a great job. The categories of this website -49:49 and others- can be found at the bottom of every page of this website. Link to the video that is so difficult to classify by Rumble.

Imagine all politicians.And world peace.

Imagine all politicians over all the wo-o-rld.

Sing alongwith Lennon, John: Imagine all politicians over all the wo-o-rld.Countries working together and listening to us, scienctists.And World Peace, of course. (Link to my all time favorite movie clip. With Sandra Bullock.) Links:The long Japanese videoYes, Yuval Noah Harari is a member of the World Economic Forum.The Times of Israel articleNote on the absulutely… Continue reading Imagine all politicians.And world peace.