Book on so called monotheisms

The fifth button in the menu is clearly not (yet!) a painting.
It is just a coloured text: a concept for the front page of a yet to be published book. Title of that book is 49:49: crucial in the book is the explanation of the title. So, in itself an absolutely meaningless title, hence there is also a subtitle and a motto.
Subtitle: “The Emperor’s Old Rags“.
Motto: “If a religion with political ambitions and growing influence has ONE founding book, and ONE founder, it is very unwise not to study that founder, that book and the relationship between them.”

Since the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004, by a jihadist who grew up in the Netherlands, I have spent many thousands of hours studying the origins of the Muslim ideology and the history of theory and practice of that peculiar worldview. This led to the publication of several books, many essays and even more short commentaries; mainly, but not exclusively, in Dutch.

This new book, which I wrote during 2020 and 2021, is different, very different.
I quote its Preface:

So one could label me as a ‘cultural Catholic’. And now, through this book, I am actually asking ‘cultural Muslims’ who read it, to critically examine the foundation of their religion. Such a request cannot possibly be well received if I do not also critically discuss the foundation of my parents’ religion. Critically and above all: just as explicitly. After this penny dropped, I delved into the contents of the Bible and oriented myself towards Judaism.

On that basis I did not completely rewrite this book. I made adjustments in Part II. I modified Part I and Part III a little more, but you will find the biggest change, except here in this preface, in the added, expanded postface, entitled: On Monotheisms, Goddesses and Demigods of sorts. In that long epilogue I go deeper into the special concept of ‘god’. I do so on the basis of an exploration of several religions, particularly, but not exclusively, Judaism and Christianity.

That exploration is based in part on my own recollections, in a larger part on studying their basic texts more seriously, and on knowledge of the history of the practice of Christianity that I gained especially in the 21st century. In my re-evaluation, I also compare the religion of the gospels (the life story of Jesus Christ) with the religion of the well-known “apostle” Paul. The strange practice of cutting in the penises of boy babies, boys and adult men, and the deeply embedded Abrahamic hatred of women, are also discussed.
During the additional study I did for that postface, many more pennies dropped. That of those (mythological) goddesses from its title was the most important.

P.S.: In 2022 I published this video titled A penny dropped. An important one.
P.P.S.: Parts of the book can be found on my Academia account.


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