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The Donald

Remarkable, funny almost, to what extent my text about Donald Trump resembles the one about Winston Churchill.
Churchill occupies such a prominent place on this site that his ‘portrait’ is even used here as a symbol of our civilisation and our history. Trump occupies a similar place as a symbol of resistance to the undermining of our civilisation in the present day.
Just as Churchill symbolises the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, Trump symbolises the transition from the 20th to the 21st.
In many ways, I am also very, very different from Trump, but I also have similarities with him. Just as he has a lot of knowledge and insight, based on his own direct experiences, into what goes on in ‘Democratic’ circles where he used to be, I look at the (very) left wing in (Dutch) politics as someone who was part of it from a very young age (until the 1990s).
He doesn’t like slime.
Like Churchill, he is also rather sentimental in his own way.
I recall his many, almost sensational, displays of charity.
Around the end of the year, we are especially reminded of his appearance in a film in the ‘Home alone‘ series in which he played himself. A scene that later seems to have been cut out of that film.
Above all, the election of Trump was such a good choice by Americans because – especially in the eyes of nihilists of all kinds – he is a true badass. In that respect, he is an example for people on our side of the political spectrum.
For Trump, too, reaching the age of 65 was by no means a signal to rest on his laurels.

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