‘For sale’: Tribute to Grandmother

Painted tribute to grandmother
'Grandma who has been in heaven since 1925'.

‘Grandma who has been in heaven since 1925’.

Based on the only -damaged and somewhat retouched- photo of her that survived.
I am an atheist: so I use the word ‘heaven’ in the title in a completely unique way.
Because she died so young -her oldest daughter, my mother- was only 6, she indirectly had a greater influence on the course of my own life and that of my brother and sisters than the other grandparents combined.

Like all my paintings it is for sale.
However, my prices do not represent the time I needed to produce it and/or the extent I think I really did a great job here. More important is the question: how hard it is for me to part with it.
If you -for whatever reason- want to pay heavily for it, I will paint a new, better, version. 70 x 50 cm. Oilpaint on traditional canvas.
€ 2500

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