Another Walkaway: in the Netherlands

Collapsing dam
Collapsing dam

Nothing strange about many immigrants voting Wilders’ party.

For a long time, politics in the Netherlands – especially under the leadership of the man who would like to become the leader of NATO, EU or the WEF – has been about the worst of all European countries. All but explicitly, no priority was given to the interests of the Netherlands and the Dutch over ‘global priorities’.

But this month things have changed radically.

Klaus Schwab and Mark Rutte
Under Violin, Piano and applause.

DENK, only formally not an islamist party ..

About the the Dutch Socialist Party I recently wrote (In Dutch) Het Leninisme werd nooit vernietigd (never crushed).

Most recent blogpost here about the longest ideological and violent conflict in human history, the Shia Sunni conflict, I wrote after Oktober 7, 2023. It is titled: The difference between Beheading & Decapitation and between Wrong & Evil.

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