Painting Tributes

A podcast about paintings?

This is a slideshow associated with a podcast. And with English subtitles.

It is referring to quite a number of blogposts and some podcasts I made before. Here are the links to those:

More about my atheism.

My ‘Rembrandt as St. Paul features as the home button on this site. More about Rembrandt van Rijn here at the ODP-site.

(Much) More about Abrahamic Religions.

More about Zappa and Czechoslovakia.

More about the conflict between Hillary Clinton and Tulsi Gabbard.

‘Against All Aristocracies’ is a category on this site: see menu above.

Video about the Dutch ‘disaster year’.
At five minutes into this video I include part of a show by Crowder.

At the bottom of my home page (press ‘Rembrandt as St Paul !) you find postcards I sell with the pictures of JKR (Joanne Rowling) and George Orwell.

More about Narendra Modi and Donald Trump.
My non-average review of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’
Link to my review of Miriam Grossman’s ‘Lost in Trans Nation‘. It includes information about David Reimer.

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