1672: Johan de Witt and his brother murdered

Johannes and Cornelis de Witt murdered
Johannes and Cornelis de Witt murdered
A tribute to Jan de Baen too

I painted Johan de Witt as kind of a tribute: in several aspects he was to the Netherlands what Winston Churchill was for Great Britain. For both of them the royals were a real pain in the ass…

And I feel related to him. Not the most but neither the least by the fact we probably share our birthday!
Like him, I too have something with mathematics, but mostly I empathize with his rational approach.

I do not compare myself with him of course: in the video I call him the greatest Dutch statesman ever.
OTOH, I hate false modesty, so: presenting the painting is also bragging about it in a sense.

A couple of weeks after a first murder attempt at Johan his older brother was falsely accused of planning a murder attack on the William who in that days was claimant for the kingdom. 

Like the brothers De Witt, my older brother and I share many views and values.
I do hope that if today’s ‘aristocrats’ come after me my brother will not suffer for my thought crimes.

P.S.: The video can also be viewed on Bitchute


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