Tears of relief at Swedish Superiority

Tears of relief (Can you spot them? Literally?)

This particular and personal story about tears of relief is actually an appeal to read a long, recently translated text of mine: this one.
One could blame my emphasis on the idiocy of using that inappropriate use of the term ‘pyramid’ on the fact that worked as a math teacher. I advice you to switch to another point of view: politics nowadays is poisoned by an almost happy dismissal of logic and common sense. Not being able to do simple math unfortunately seems more like a recommendation for politicians than a disadvantage.

About Beslan. This wikipedia lemma provides a rather extensive reminder/start for further investigation. In Dutch I wrote this extensive article about the monster of Utoya that I start with comparing it to the Beslan atrocities.

The video about May 10, 1940 can be found here.
About halfway it deals with the huge difference between Norway and Sweden in WW III)

About Febrile convulsion.

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