Painting JKRowling

Tribute to JKRowling

My tribute to Joanne Rowling, JKR, painted on a heptagonal self-made, rigid carrier. The next one in this series of tributes is of George Orwell. I actually started working on that one before I started with this one.

My pinned tweet says: “If you oppose #misogyny and or nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you need to focus on in 2023“.

This certainly also applies to my country: the Netherlands. The consideration of a bill that should lead to ‘self-id’ has already been postponed several times, but there is little chance that the decision-making on it in parliament will not be completed until next year. Hence: priority for this painting.

By now at the OldDutchPainter website you can find 11 (longer) texts and videos in the category transgenderism. In a way the first of those is still the most important one: Direct link to that long text, titled “Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities“.

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