Thank you, Google!

My book Islamophobia (in Dutch) and faction novel under pseudonym.
But now I do the opposite ..

The short video speaks for itself.
Only after I made the video I noticed that this self declared best islam scholar ever also mentions his mentor in the USA, after he had fled Turkey: a Mr. Khalifa. In my first book (Islamophobia? – only available in Dutch) I dedicated a section, titled 19?, on page 119-120. The number refers to the sacred number 19. Khalifa performed some numerology hocus-pocus on the Qur’an, with the result always being 19. For him the indisputable proof of the existence of god Allah and his inspiration for that famous book. Khalifa was murdered by members of the Fuqra sect.

It is a small world …
My book showed below –IS, the Kurds and the Caliphate. (Turkey: from sick occupant to paranoid neighbor) is still available at Amazon. And can be acquired for a very low price!
Thank you Amazon.

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