Silly threats to intimidate dissidents (2)

How does the council of Amsterdam operate?

As promised last sunday here the first follow up of the blogpost about a ridiculous Islamophilia show staged in the city council of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. This is the translation of the open letter I wrote to that council, from which they could draw for their indictment of me!
Some 4400 words: quotes from my books and other publications.

A. Not in one place, but reflected in several books and articles.
Allah has no message, only a messenger.
2) The Dutch (constitution) law contains no definitions and does not refer to definitions of the concepts of god and religion. Articles of law that do refer to these concepts are outdated and unusable and therefore cry out for abuse. They are outdated because they date from a time and build on a situation in which almost every Dutch person believed in a god and only religions that were similar in many respects manifested themselves.

B. Books
B1. Islamophobia? A down-to-earth answer. (January 2010)
The book has approximately 120,000 words.
Perhaps the passages rated as most painful:

B1-1. Mafia practices page 40
The verses from the previous group are those that lay the foundation for jihad, the offensive ‘holy war’. They are openly extremely hostile to non-Muslims. Verse 9:29 also fits somewhat into this list, but is mentioned separately because the Quran seems to resemble a manual for mafia practices: “Fight those among the People of the Book who do not believe in Allah nor in the Last Day, nor consider as unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have declared unlawful, nor practice the true religion until they pay the tax with their own hand, while they are submissive.
What on earth is that word ‘submissive’ doing there?
All translations consulted speak of this submissiveness or a variation on it, which is even more problematic for the tolerant image of Mohammedanism.

B1-2. Polygamy page 53
A second characteristic [it concerns characteristics of sects] that Vermeersch neglects to mention is the relationship of the founders of sects to the opposite sex.
Mohammed arranged polygamy: rich men were allowed to marry up to four wives.
Only for himself there was no limitation. A characteristic of sect leaders par excellence.
And from cruel rulers, too.

B1-3. My slave, my infidel page 155
But not only is the idea that slavery is not so strange at all lying surprisingly close to the surface here and there in the world of Mohammedanism: as part of the jihad against non-Muslims, slave hunting is even experiencing a revival in Sudan. The documentary ‘My Slave, My Infidel‘ speaks of 200,000 people being enslaved.
Unfortunately, there are also initiatives to redeem them. Unfortunately, because it is really absurd that the perpetrators are not dealt with violently.

B1-4. 9 [Mayor] Cohen as least reliable politician page 169, note 22
This [refers to: page 168 “perhaps the least honest politician in the Netherlands”] rather harsh statement is mainly based on Cohen’s actions and lies regarding the subsidy to the Westermoskee.
In the municipal council he claimed that he no longer knew how the provision of this subsidy had been handled outside the municipal council.
A few years later he wrote shamelessly about these types of subsidies: “Only this must be done with open eyes, with the approval of our democratically elected parliament.” Volkskrant, September 2, 2008.

B1-5. Keeping things together that’s it, page 314
Following (for those who don’t know sarcasm: I mean not following) [Social Democrat leaders] Den Uyl, Cohen and Bos, I suggest as a motto: keep things APART, that’s what it is.
This primarily refers to the need to mercilessly target fundamentalist preachers and Mohammedan politicians with a double agenda in order to undermine their authority among ‘cultural Mohammedans’.
This also refers to combating the us-versus-them thinking that is inherent in the vicious umma concept.

B1-6. The whole chapter: The madness among politicians, journalists and social scientists. (page 239 ff.) especially these parts:

When in the Netherlands for the first time a man who was born abroad [This is about Mr Gabor who was State Secretary for Nature Management. He had fled Hungary in 1956] and still had two passports, when he was asked for the position, he sent a letter on his own initiative to the government of his native country. In it he explained that he was now naturally giving up his old nationality: after all, he had to prevent himself from ending up in a situation of conflicting loyalties at any time.
Nowadays, the argument that candidate ministers or state secretaries cannot choose to end their old nationality is accepted without any problem. So they apparently fall under a different authority. And that is acceptable to the government of our country! Now that it concerns Mohammedans, not only is this obviousness of Gabor hard to find, but these people are even presented as ‘pathetic’. Ministers.
No, against this background it is not strange that the most retarded among the ‘Islamic scholars’ try to counter comments about questionable aspects of Mohammedan ideas in this way. That atheists, agnostics, somethingists and Christians take this as a cogent form of argument is shocking. The fact that there are atheists, agnostics, somethingists and Christians who come up with this themselves is mindblowing.
Pronk has followers who make it even more insane. Anyone who says that they do not want immigration of people from a culture that is hostile to ours is accused of discrimination or racism: as if not every immigration policy, every form of border control, every right associated with Dutch citizenship does not necessarily make a distinction. Distinction in unequal cases, by the way. Populist sentimental.
So no one is surprised that after about fifty years we can already deal normally with the Germans, but we are also not overly ashamed of the bombing of Dresden. It is not noticed that even in Russia, which was a much heavier victim of the Nazis and now shows a questionable level of nationalism, anti-German sentiments are weak.
More than a thousand years ago, the Mohammedans overran a large part of the then Jewish and Christian world, after which they were only driven back from the area around Jerusalem. Fifty generations later, should Dutch Christians still feel guilty towards the descendants of the Mohammedans, because a lot of violence was used during that reconquest? Pure insanity.

B2 IS, the Kurds and the Caliphate. Ebook. Available via Amazon.
The subtitle of the book is: Turkey: from sick resident to paranoid neighbor
Some passages may deserve extra critical attention. However, this book has approximately 80,000 words and is also written in imperfect English.
However, some of the Dutch articles mentioned below are more or less directly based on it; especially the article All Turks back to China?

C. Articles
The articles have been selected based on the possibility that they cause pain to Amsterdam residents.
They are sorted from oldest to newest, with the exception of the first article, which is about ‘the tone of the debate‘. It’s actually a side note about the photo below, also pictured above blog post (1) in this thread.

Provoking the majority

Let me make a confession right away. If I came across a bastard like the one in the photo, I would have to make an effort not to kick him like one of the Janssens did in Tintin and the Black Gold.
The man in the photo is not violent himself at that moment.

However, he chooses a place for his ‘religious gymnastics’ in such a way that he hinders others. It’s intimidation. Despite belonging to a small minority, he feels safe enough to intimidate the majority.
That is because his intimidation behavior is supported by the [real] Islamophobes in power in many Western countries.

The next step in this form of intimidation is ‘praying’ on a lawn near the British Parliament building or near large churches. Another step further is the organization of large-scale harassment and assault of native women (‘Cologne’) and the severe abuse of the very elderly.

The superlative was very recently shown in Sweden: a woman was drugged and then raped by three men for hours. In itself not very unusual in Sweden, but in this case the perpetrators filmed the event and broadcast it live via Facebook.

The question of whether these human garbage draw their inspiration for this intimidation behavior directly from the teachings of Mohammed or the teachings of the Islamic State or whether that behavior is only very indirectly related to them is not of the utmost importance.
The main point is that there are many natives who are inclined to downplay their behavior or – and that is worse – do everything they can to deny the intimidation component.

There is also hardly any legislation against intimidation of the majority of the population by a minority.
And it doesn’t have to happen, and in any case it isn’t a priority.

By the way, it’s going quite far, isn’t it, talking about human garbage.
If it goes too far for you: do you know a better name? One that does not “sow hatred” or “dehumanize” but also does not downplay?

C-2. September 5, 2015, title: Football is allowed by Allah – or: the child’s hand of F. Halsema [Now mayor of Amsterdam! Link to the Dutch version of that long, merciless article]
When you know something about the subject and you have actually looked into the open letter itself and the background of those ‘scholars‘, you can only hope that the writer [Femke Halsema] has early dementia. The alternative would be that we were dealing here with pathological mendacity.
The problems of Mohammedanism in a nutshell: Allah has no message, only a messenger. Since his death, it has been up to the ulema to play Mohammed – and therefore indirectly god.

C-3. October 31, 2015, title: Angola and the Islam ban
I recently published the translation of the complete article here.

C-4. November 7, 2015, title: IS members: eliminate or export? Or: slavery and the law.
I consider every report about one or more killed IS members as good news.
Sometimes such messages really evoke a strong, positive emotion.
Events that appeal so strongly to my sense of justice that I strongly distrust people who react to them without much emotion – or even worse: with emotion but not with joy – or even suspect that they belong to the group of (untreatable) psychopaths.
I’m talking about messages like this: Woman, held as sex-slave by Islamic State, kills IS Commander Who Was Raping Her.
I regard those involved in bringing people into (sex) slavery as human garbage that needs to be cleaned up.

C-4. November 14, 2015, title: In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror. (Michelle Malkin) [Link to Dutch article]
Many Americans of Japanese descent were also pro-American.
Before the forced ‘relocation’ of Japanese from the West Coast – and only from the West Coast – several thousand already moved voluntarily.
In the later camps, American-loyal Japanese faced intimidation and violence at the hands of Japanese-loyal extremists.
The status of several thousand of the latter was later changed to prisoners of war.
In defense deals in striking one-liners. About details and especially about the big picture. I’ll close with two of them:
As commander in chief, Roosevelt resolutely understood what Bush knows now: A nation can’t stand for anything unless it is still standing. For defending this unalterable truth, America needs never apologize.
While some people who cannot remember the past are merely condemned to repeat it, the civil liberties absolutists want to force us to commit new mistakes that previous generations were wise enough to avoid.

C-5. November 14, 2015, title: How do we deal with pro-IS forces in the Netherlands?
I propose that people who openly identify themselves as spies, collaborators or supporters, or who can be proven to support the objectives of the Islamic State, should be interned until this non-state is destroyed. I purposely do not develop this proposal further here. Elaboration is a matter for people from different political parties.
This was my final line at first:
“And not only that: I fear that IS-like violence will manifest itself more often in Europe in the near future.”
About the time I was writing it, the first information about the Paris [Bataclan] attacks reached me.

C-6. January 16, 2016, title: Blind rage or a touch of terror; my SSNS fantasy.
A photo that was taken somewhere on the street. On it he victim is not recognizable. A white woman, possibly under twenty. One of the animals has an arm around her neck so that she cannot go anywhere and is forced into a crouching position. Another beast rapes her from behind. There are still about seven animals surrounding the victim and the perpetrators. They no longer have to use much force. She’s already broken.
I did not use that photo because it easily leads to blind rage.

Anger, the desire to use violence: it is the understandable, natural reaction of mentally healthy people to such a scene, but we should not let it guide our reactions.

Especially not the blind version of it.
The fact that (relatively) innocent people could become victims is not the most important consideration here: we are in a state of war and in every war there are innocent victims.
More importantly, acting out of blind rage could be counterproductive. That effect is already occurring.
A Secret Society for Neutering Sheikhs
When I thought a little longer about the possibility of less dependence on the politicians and ‘journalists’ still dominant, I suddenly remembered that about 45 years ago [50 now] there was a commotion in the US about the imaginary organization SCUM: Society for Cutting Up Men.
It was actually not much more than a manifesto of one woman, who eventually (only) ended up in prison after her failed attempts at murder (She shot Andy Warhol, among others).

My memory of it turned out to be not entirely correct.
I thought ‘cutting up’ stood for castration. However, the term turned out to stand for extermination.
The brilliantly crazy manifesto can also be read – instead of as a ‘program’ – as a text that has been written as shockingly as possible in order to receive as much attention as possible as a protest expression.
When you read the entire manifesto, it turns out that the author is even in favor of exterminating all men and – “oh well”: – all women!

Nevertheless I continued to fantasize about my incorrect memory.
What would be the effect of castrating those who call for holy war against immoral women and/or introducing a system of sex slavery?
How many -no better: how few- leaders of the ideology behind this would have to be ‘treated’ before it would become effective as a counter-terror?

Not necessarily the implementation, but the leadership of such an SSNS would of course be in the hands of women.
And I [already] thought about castrato candidates other than the Algerian Amer Taleb.

C-7. January 23, 2016, title: ‘Rotherham’: the racist betrayal of the Sikhs.
[however] Media, police and politicians portrayed the actions of the Sikhs against the sex jihadists as mutual gang violence. Sikhs went to jail.

At the same time, this so-called violence between gangs did give rise to the very first steps against the Mohammedans.

Channel 4 News had already announced that documentary in 2003.
That announcement also features Labor MP Ann Cryer.
When you call Julie Bindel a heroine, you could call this woman a witch.
She owed her candidacy for that party to a shortlist that included only women.
In that announcement, this subject made the disgusting statement “I believe there is a very strong cultural reason, it’s nothing to do with the religion lets [sic] make it quite clear, its [sic] to do with the Asian culture” (H 4, The Cover-up, p 76)
Another statement from her: “My hope is that this adverse publicity will embarrass these young men into more appropriate behavior.”
This focus on race instead of ‘religious’ ideology results in absurdly distorted figures. For example about the victims: unknown 33%, White: 61%, Asian 3%, Black: 1%. So 95% of the victims were white. And those 4% ‘Asian’ victims were mainly Sikh girls. It has never happened that an ‘Asian’ girl fell into the hands of a ‘white’ group of perpetrators.
Sex jihad, jihad aimed at women, does exist, as I described last week.
Key themes: ‘Hassi Messaoud‘, ‘immoral women because they live alone‘, ‘men like cats and women like exposed pieces of meat‘ and Muftie Al-Hilali. And I now add: a large part of ‘Islamic scholarship’.

Loughlin also describes a fundamental difference between those Mohammedan gangs on the one hand and the long-standing/known child sexual abuse on the other.
This other abuse is closely linked to the anonymity of online events. THOSE perpetrators don’t know each other!

To conclude with a euphemism: that says something, no, that says almost everything, about the underlying ‘cultural’ problem.

C-8. June 18, 2016, title: Erdogan wants to see German blood – literally.
Two weeks ago I wrote about the similarities and differences between Hitler-Germany and Erdowahn-Turkey.
Erdowahn’s megalomaniac madness was discussed, but it was not my main focus at the time.
This was the fact that politicians, media and education in Europe and the US presented an image of post-1996 Turkey that was dominated by wishful thinking to such an extent that I found a comparison with Hitler’s Germany of 1933-1939 instructive.
I also made some comments on the question of how Mohammedan Erdowahn’s way of thinking actually is.

Two weeks ago I was actually quite mild. One of the differences between the 20th century Hitler and the 21st century Erdowahn I mentioned is that the 21st century man often leaves the biggest nasties to his willing aides.

The sad thing is that on the one hand, Erdowahn has since lowered his mask a little further – including in the context of the funeral of a very famous boxing champion: see the closing image – and on the other hand I came across some information about Turkey in recent years. in which his adjutants once again come off even worse than himself.
A search of just under an hour was sufficient to find that information….

C-9. September 2, 2016, title: The anger deficit and the lawnmower principle.
Today, a heavy-handed approach to our political opponents is simply a necessity.
But how does that work in concrete terms?
If they lived next door to me, I would not lend my lawn mower to people like Pechtold, Kuzu or Öztürk, but I would have no problem doing so with the average member of PvdA, D66 or GL or the average graduate of an Amsterdam university.
Unless they are people who force their daughters to wear the tightest headscarves and the like, of course.
Or those guys with zebibahs.

C-10. October 1, 2016, title: Eurabia: public conspiracies, parallel universes.
In 2003, the main platform for the Eurabia project was called the Barcelona Process.
Many of these types of forums and meetings are indicated by a place name. That is useful: this way no one is reminded too strongly of an original objective.
In 2008, this process was renamed Union for the Mediterranean, or UfM…
In the same article that explicitly writes about the name change, there is still constant mention of the Barcelona Process, while the most striking fact it mentions relates to the expansion of the club: the entire Arab League will from now on join the meetings.
13 of the 22 member states of that club have no Mediterranean coast at all.
Somalia is about 3000 km away. While it is really no longer about the Mediterranean Sea, this is emphasized more in the name.
Political paradigms
I will go into this in more detail later, but for now I will mention those hidden cliffs, those political dogmas that I distinguished (and yes: next time I will also have to discuss the major difference between paradigms and dogmas).

  1. The teachings of Muhammad are absolutely innocent. Even the question of why this doctrine is so often and so easily ‘hijacked’ should not be investigated.
  2. In the communication between ‘Europe’ on the one hand and ‘Arabia’ and ‘North Africa’ on the other, immigration is a self-evident and important theme.
  3. The tension surrounding Israel is more important for stability and security in the Middle East than all other conflicts combined.
  4. Post-World War I borders are sacred. The interests of Western Saharans in their occupied land, of Berbers in Morocco, of Copts in Egypt, of Kurds in their land occupied by Turks, Persians and Arabs, of Sunnis in Shia-dominated countries and vice versa, of the entire population of Yemen and Syria, not to mention the Yazidis: they pale in comparison to the interests of the Palestinians.

C-11. October 15, 2016, title: Imagine: Christians and Muslims (not Hindus or Yazidis). (link to the complete Dutch text)
Things get really complicated when it comes to headscarves and the like.
In the grand scheme of social relations in and between countries, the campaign for the Mohammedan veil has very different objectives; objectives that are even somewhat at odds with each other.

On the one hand, you have the objective of discrimination, as can be directly derived from the Koran: discrimination between free Muslim women on the one hand and Muslim slaves and unbelieving women on the other (33:59).

In addition, there is the objective to spread the idea worldwide that women in general are inferior, and more specifically that in the case of sexual assault or rape, the woman is in principle guilty.
When the Iranian ayatollah regime demands that not only its own Muslim chess grandmasters adhere to the Ayatollan dress code for women, but also the visiting non-Muslim grandmasters participating in the women’s world championship, there is no doubt: that regime is placing that original discrimination objective is secondary.

Apparently, the promotion of misogyny in general and in the entire world is more central to this rant, in addition to the objective – of course – to test how far the bending of the civilized world already goes.
FYI: this bending and perverting goes quite far; even within the chess world.

C-12. December 31, 2016, title: All Turks back to China? (link to the complete text at Academia)
The pearl necklace wearers and other hippies who poison every social debate in the Netherlands and in most EU countries do not understand anything about Turkey because they do not want to know anything about the nature of Turkey and its wannabe 21st century sultan Erdowahn.
Nowadays he [Erdowahn] increasingly refers in his speeches to the origins of Turkey, i.e. to the defeat of the Ottomans in the First World War. It stinks of a kind of nostalgic longing to continue that war from the point where Atatürk had managed to capitalize on his military successes after the 1918 armistice in the peace treaty.
It is swearing in church for the scared bastards in Brussels and other European capitals: those ‘statesmen’ who always trudge obediently behind the Americans. Still on the organ against the Russians as long as Obama is still in the White House and this worst president in the history of America [this piece was written before Biden became president] is taking it even further in the context of hysteria after Clinton’s loss.

Trump can be compared to the child from the fairy tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes: he names what can be seen with the greatest of ease by anyone with enough courage.
And he is also a genius and a real people person.
The tailors were not the biggest problem in the fairy tale: those were the ministers and the lackeys.
By simply answering the phone when he received a call from Taiwan, Trump showed how he assesses the hysteria in the lackeys’ quarters.
Turks back to China: certainly at first glance a strange, unpleasant statement.
I believe that people should never be deported from their country of birth.
At most, an exception is appropriate for people who, in addition to their (half) Dutch nationality, choose to retain a nationality from their father’s country of birth and emphatically position themselves as part of a fifth column.

Compared to Kurds, Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians, Turks in Anatolia have only recently arrived from Central Asia.
These other groups have been exterminated and displaced on a large scale.
Through his emphatic, nostalgic reference to the end of the Ottoman Empire, almost alluding to a continuation of the armed conflict immediately after the First World War, Erdowahn tells us not to close our eyes to the extreme nationalism among Turks.

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