Legitimate aims of those governments

ECHR: office Strasbourg France
“The non morally corrupt judges should speak out on the abuse of the judicial system”

‘Legitimate aims’ of national governments are a deeply worrying element in two of the ECHR-rulings I criticized in so called ‘long texts’ that can be found in the category Judicial Activism. More specifically under the heading Elephants in Courtrooms. It is disgusting. To use an understatement The texts on the two above mentioned ECHR rulings… Continue reading Legitimate aims of those governments

Really, Types of Population Pyramids?

The nonsense of drawing a Population Pyramid of a shrinking population: that’s what this article is about. There have been population explosions in many countries. But it cannot be emphasized often enough: there is no question of a worldwide population explosion nowadays. In a number of countries, the population is already shrinking – in some… Continue reading Really, Types of Population Pyramids?

Elephants in courtrooms – II

ECHR: office Strasbourg France

The first episode [1] of Elephants in Courtrooms was about Pastafarism and the Dutch Council of State. This episode is kind of a sequel. The judges who came up with the verdict criticised in episode I referred extensively to the ‘European’ ECHR. That organisation is the subject of this episode. For substantiation, the Dutch judges… Continue reading Elephants in courtrooms – II