Impression of a surreal reality

No Old Dutch Painter from the 17th century –or any other century before the twentieth– could have created a painting like this! For a host of reasons. Nothing even remotely resembling what can be seen here under that cloud cover existed yet. Those colossal high-voltage pylons, which are dwarfed by the overwhelming number of even… Continue reading Impression of a surreal reality

Meanwhile above the Netherlands

View on Dutch polders in the former Zuiderzee, now IJsselmeer. Specifically the tiny polder IJsseloog.
Artificial island IJsseloog in Ketelmeer: part of the IJsselmeer. ‘Meer’=lake. Until 1932 the lake was sea (‘Zuiderzee’).

In this century (also in my lifetime) I returned by airplaine to the Netherlands 11 times. Never before have I had such a beautiful view during the landing. And not only has this photo turned out exceptionally well as a picture (thanks to the sunset and the clouds), there is also a lot of interesting… Continue reading Meanwhile above the Netherlands