Non self-reading & tangible mail

Mainframe from the eighties versus memory card 128 gigabytes

In a video by a sympathetic duo of Dutch bloggers (Bakkie met Bergsma en Bennink) I came across the call to make more use of old-fashioned, tangible mail instead of e-mail, Whatsapp, Twitter and the like. A very good idea for several reasons! One reason they haven’t mentioned yet though, and I’ll go into that… Continue reading Non self-reading & tangible mail

Conquering ‘Africa’ early 16th century?

Painting by Gaspar de Crayer: Charles V conquers ‘Africa’

One of Winston Churchill’s most inspiring quotes is ‘Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft ‘ [1]. Paintings can aid in the study of history too. At least if you do not just superficially look at the image! De Crayer was a court painter to the governors of what is… Continue reading Conquering ‘Africa’ early 16th century?