A military cemetery in Spremberg: Sonst Nichts…

Mourning Mother On the 'Sowjetischer Soldaten Friedhof'

Bismarck laid the foundation for the Third Reich

Like all videos at ODP this one is meant as a warning against dismissing history.
I sincerely hope that simply showing some images of this cemetery helps a little bit in resisting hysteria, hoaxing and war-mongering.

In these times it is good to think a little bit about the forties of last century: It is good to reconsider the complex and horrible clash of nazism, communism and the free world.
Let us please realise that Mr Putin not only ‘remembers’ -so to speak- the horrors of communism but also of nazi-hatred towards Russia; NO, not ‘just’ to the Russian nation but to all slavic people and the Russian people in particular! 
The horror and complexity are back and many seem to eagerly go back to the decades of the Cold War.

This video was definitely a first one in many ways: it is made outside the Netherlands, it is made outdoors and the only one so far made in a rather impulsive way.
Moreover, I encountered serious limitations of the website hosting company: that caused a delay of more than a week before posting this video ‘here’ AND the video is not embedded. Sorry for that. (Yes, by now it does not feel impulsive anymore…)

P.S.: German president Steinmeier has been minister of foreign affairs in the past. So he could and should have understood that he himself going to Kiev instead of the prime minister -”chancellor” in German context-  who is really in power, could and would be seen by Zelensky as an insult.
P.P.S.: See this ODP video from two weeks ago about Zelensky and the Ukranian regime.
P.P.P.S.: See more about the new coalition government in Germany since Dec 7 2021 here.

I posted this video at YouTube too: A visit to a Soviet Military Cemetery in Spremberg, Germany


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