Male hobby judge resigns to better support the misogyny cause

McCloud/Williams about his transition

Every gender dysphoric boy or man who wants to become a transwo_man, is mentally disturbed in a different way. And sure as hell by themselves, as individuals, not all of them pose a threat to women and/or are pedophiles. In the last part of this blog post, I highlight the huge difference between the attitude… Continue reading Male hobby judge resigns to better support the misogyny cause

Tribute to David Reimer

Tribute to David Reimer

And a call to express solidarity with JK Rowling April 1st, 2024 A couple of months ago I made a video (+podcast) about me in my paintings gradually focusing more on making portraits and more specifically tributes. In this video I zoom in on one such portrait: my tribute to David Reimer. My praise for… Continue reading Tribute to David Reimer

No, not canonising WSC

.. only half jokingly ..
The paintings in the background are not related to the contents of this video. These are old paintings: from 2019. The woman is my grandmother who died in 1925 …

This video is about quite a number of different subjects. One of those is the really very peculiar aspect of religious doctrines on “superstitions and false religions”. Links: Last week’s video.The article by George Mitchell.The article by the Sahara Reporters.The article by the British anti-Churchill, anti-Trump professor.