Painting, varnishing and printing

JKRowling and George Orwell

I forgot to mention in the clip that I am not applying the final varnish here. On a traditional painting the final varnish is applied at least a year after completing the actual painting. This blogpost is about ‘retouching varnish’. This varnishing creates unity in the painting, especially by reducing differences in tarnishness. I call… Continue reading Painting, varnishing and printing

No civilization without Ladies & Gentlemen

UPDATE April 2023: I slightly expanded the text, did not change the video. A video to support the Distinghuised Gentleman’s Ride.Of course the video is not very short: it includes remarks about history. More specifically: about that ‘precursor’ of WWII, the civil war in Spain and the role of George Orwell therein. And I link… Continue reading No civilization without Ladies & Gentlemen