Painting, varnishing and printing

Varnishing paintings of JKRowling and George Orwell
JKRowling and George Orwell

I forgot to mention in the clip that I am not applying the final varnish here. On a traditional painting the final varnish is applied at least a year after completing the actual painting. This blogpost is about ‘retouching varnish’. This varnishing creates unity in the painting, especially by reducing differences in tarnishness.

I call the “extent to which Orwell’s books refer to things that are happening today” ‘strange’. Perhaps ‘spooky’ would be even appropriate here.

About the printing of post cards part: postcards with the portrait of Mrs. Rowling are printed already. The George Orwell postcards will follow swift and about the next I am also sure. They will feauture the most recent portrait I made that also happens to be my best so far: my tribute to India’s great prime minister Narendra Modi.

I’m not quite sure when it comes to my tribute to the De Witt brothers murdered and their corpses desecrated. As strongly as I am against monarchies, especially against the hardly ‘Dutch’ one in The Netherlands, perhaps the painting is too gruesome to be depicted on postcards.

Link to blogpost about my carriers:

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