Tribute to Narendra Modi

This tribute to India’s both very successful and popular prime minister Narendra Modi I painted with alkyd. He is the leader of the by far biggest democracy in the world and under his leadership -since 2002- India is doing very well economically. Western fools Allmost every single politician, journalist and ‘political scientist’ in the West… Continue reading Tribute to Narendra Modi

Painting, varnishing and printing

JKRowling and George Orwell

I forgot to mention in the clip that I am not applying the final varnish here. On a traditional painting the final varnish is applied at least a year after completing the actual painting. This blogpost is about ‘retouching varnish’. This varnishing creates unity in the painting, especially by reducing differences in tarnishness. I call… Continue reading Painting, varnishing and printing

That iconic serviceman in India 2002

Detail of oilpainted work in progress.

To me this is an absolutely iconic scene. It is based on a photo made in India in 2002. You had to combine that photo of US marines raising the American flag on that decisive moment in WW II in the battle of Iwo Jima with that photo featuring ‘Napalm girl’ Phan Thi Kim Phuc… Continue reading That iconic serviceman in India 2002