How many more popes?

Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls, Rome

About four years ago I visited Rome with my brother (I was mainly looking for more inspiration for a sequel to my Dutch faction-novel Alexandra’s Reis). During a long walk our attention was drawn to this enormous building. It has a really impressive exterior, visible from afar. It was less impressive than St. Peter’s Basilica,… Continue reading How many more popes?

Rejoicing at Revelation horror

The big church in Schiedam, Netherlands was named after its location (Frankelandsekerk) and after a local saint Liduina.

Hardly any bible reading this time although that tag does fit this video. My father died a year before this church was demolished. A few years ago there was some kind of a contest in the Netherlands wherein this church was named as one of the most beautiful demolished buildings. My family regularly visited its… Continue reading Rejoicing at Revelation horror

No civilization without Ladies & Gentlemen

UPDATE April 2023: I slightly expanded the text, did not change the video. A video to support the Distinghuised Gentleman’s Ride.Of course the video is not very short: it includes remarks about history. More specifically: about that ‘precursor’ of WWII, the civil war in Spain and the role of George Orwell therein. And I link… Continue reading No civilization without Ladies & Gentlemen