What IS Climate Science; What is Climate?

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What is (a) climate?

In search of real, serious climate science, I came across this link to a complete climate-change faculty in Durham, NC with a chair in Environmental Science & Policy Division …

This faculty is part of an American university that a few years ago had this enlightening mission:

…provides a unique opportunity for aspiring environmental leaders to pursue their passions. We bring together bright, talented, and ambitious people from across the globe whose interests vary from conservation to climate change and everything in between. They’re not just pursuing a job. They’re purpose-driven individuals who look beyond themselves to pursue a career that makes a positive contribution to the environment and the world.

Environmental leaders”: take a minute to let that sink in …

I took another look at it (April 2023) and nowadays the dean proudly declares on the front page of the website:

Never before have we or any university committed to marshaling every part of our enterprise—our collective resources, talents and passions—toward solving the global climate challenge in such a focused way.

A university solving challenges? THE climate?
What about the WORD climate?
Until recently I skipped this interesting question.

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