A painting in Dutch Museum ‘More’ by a man,
in a project about more attention to female painters …

I posted this before on Instagram. I do not use it anymore (search the first use of the name Tulsi Gabbard on this site, for the reason). If I take a look now, Instagram has a suggestion: “See what people are sharing to empower women and advocate for gender equality” … In the photo I… Continue reading Oops…

What IS climate science?

Longer texts

The most read Dutch article on my Academia account has a somewhat suggestive title. At this site you find the English translation of it: Real Science and Climate Science [1]. It did not explicitly address the question from the title of this article. Is climate science a real existing branch of (serious) scientific practice?That I… Continue reading What IS climate science?

Once in a lifetime

Airplane landing at sunset: a spectacular show of sunlight, sea and canals.

I’ve included a large version of the ODP logo to indicate the location of the horizon: that’s at the top of the logo. So you see the setting sun itself shining through clouds, closer by its reflection in the North Sea, and even closer the reflection in the channels: one by one due to the… Continue reading Once in a lifetime

Meanwhile above the Netherlands

Artificial island IJsseloog in Ketelmeer: part of the IJsselmeer. ‘Meer’=lake. Until 1932 the lake was sea (‘Zuiderzee’).

In this century (also in my lifetime) I returned by airplaine to the Netherlands 11 times. Never before have I had such a beautiful view during the landing. And not only has this photo turned out exceptionally well as a picture (thanks to the sunset and the clouds), there is also a lot of interesting… Continue reading Meanwhile above the Netherlands

Schwab: “Water, gender and so on”

About Schwab, Rutte, the farmer’s son Jouke and much more

A couple of weeks ago the Old Dutch Painter started a new ‘category’: Meanwhile In The Netherlands (see link in the footer). It was not set up to report about current affairs, but here we are: Dutch farmers’ protests are now in the news worldwide. So I connect some dots for you. Quite a number… Continue reading Schwab: “Water, gender and so on”

Lies, damned lies, statistics and criminology

Longer texts

Differences in sentencing in similar cases? This Long TEXT was the second non-peer review of the (now defunct) Dutch website ‘Emperors & Clothes’ (Keizers & Kleren). I discussed the article Differences in sentencing in similar cases that appeared in episode 2012-11 of the Dutch Legal Journal (‘Nederlands Juristenblad’ (NJB)). In publishing this English translation, I… Continue reading Lies, damned lies, statistics and criminology