Male hobby judge resigns to better support the misogyny cause

McCloud/Williams about his transition
McCloud/Williams about his transition

Every gender dysphoric boy or man who wants to become a transwo_man, is mentally disturbed in a different way. And sure as hell by themselves, as individuals, not all of them pose a threat to women and/or are pedophiles.

In the last part of this blog post, I highlight the huge difference between the attitude of the person above and that of another transwoman.

That being said, the most disgusting AND enlightening aspect of the transgender cult is the hatred towards de-transitioners

An additional painful aspect of this hatred is the fact that in recent decades there has been a giant shift in terms of the numbers of these “transitions”.
My first encounter with the phenomenon was in the early 1980s. A man in his late thirties announced in a working group of the left-wing political party of which I was a member at the time, that he was going to become a woman.
I expressed surprise; all others present however, acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world. In some peculiar way, they were right: until well into the 21st century, it was mostly (older, straight) males who wanted to become some kind of woman.
Today, it’s mostly girls who don’t want to become women and become the brunt of the vicious interplay of nihilistic politicians and criminal medics.
So in effect the hatred towards de-transitioners is often hatred from perverted men against girls whose dysphoria has been incited.

A career boost

The political party mentioned above a few years later merged with the Communist Party and recently the result in turn merged with the Social Democratic Party: PvdA led by former European commissioner Frans Timmermans *).

The person pictured above and below is one McCloud. He wasn’t entirely sure beforehand, but the way the judiciary reacted to Mr McCloud’s trans identity was very similar to the reactions of those left-wing Dutch politicians.

Both images are screenshots from a Youtube video titled: First 100 years Celebrating the first 100 years of the journey of women in law.
I kid you not.

An important reason why I wanted to specifically pay attention to this “judge” in the context of #aprilfoolsday is that the issue judicial activism slash judicial internationalism has long been an important topic in my mind.
I studied and wrote quite a lot about it…

In that amazing 11-minute YouTube video, McCloud comes up with this anecdote not once, but twice:

When I was very young, something like five years old, I said, “Well since I can’t be Queen, I’ll be a judge” ‘.

Strange. Childish.
Stranger still: at 4:33 he says “I was assigned male at birth … to use the sort of PC terminology“.
To what extent he was a transgender activist by 2020?
Or put another way, why on earth would a judge choose that bizarre description: ‘PC-terminology‘?

Mind blowing close link with the infamous NHS

McCloud by the way, often writes under the name Victoria Williams; Williams being the name of his partner. The partner is said to be a woman. I did not even try to discover if Williams was born female or is a transwo_man too.

The reason is in the title of this section. That partner works at the NHS: a notorious institution in the ‘gender-critical’ world, to put it mildly.

That in itself is not very suspicious, but the way McCloud talks about it in that same video is shocking. The other Willams is a psychiatrist and in the interaction between the two of them, according to McCloud himself, work and private life are completely intertwined! (in the tenth minute).

Hobby judge

At 9:08 into the video McCloud tells his interviewing admirers: “I get to choose the cases I try”. The result of this rather peculiar “freedom of choice” can be found when one searches for rulings by this Williams.

Thanks to Cambridge University Press, I found a reference to what at first glance seemed to be a ruling by him: Service provision for gender dysphoria. However, it was merely a response by ‘Victoria Williams’ to a piece in the February 2003 (!) Psychiatric Bulletin.
Because it gives an almost perfect picture of McCloud’s mode of argumentation, I reproduce most of this text here:

With some effort I also found some real ‘rulings’ by Williams/McCloud.
Topics were quite varied, but had two common features: the statements were not very precisely worded and on issues of little practical significance…

A completely different view on that politicisation

I close this post and thus return to my introductory paragraph.
I came across articles by Debby Hayton publlished at the UK spectator. Hayton writes about that same subject McCloud refers to: politicisation.
And Hayton completely disagrees with McCloud/Williams and wrote about other aspects of the transgenderism agenda.
But most remarkable: Dayton himself is transgender too!

Here Dayton writes about what’s wrong with puberty blockers.

And here you find the direct response to that resignation by McCloud, titled ‘The sad truth behind why the UK’s first trans judge resigned‘ ‘.

I quote:


Timmermans is about as mendacious as MP Rutte but less intelligent.
He once claimed that Islam has been part of European history for 2000…
A special aspect of the fact that the Dutch Social Democrats are now merged with former (?) communists and Maoists is that they split from the ‘communist international’ over a century ago. In those days it put the Netherlands ahead of other European countries.
See for more about this Timmermans and those Dutch political groups this text which I wrote: Leninism was never eradicated on the occasion of a public meeting of the Dutch branch of LetWomenSpeak.

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