Tribute to David Reimer

Tribute to David Reimer
Tribute to David Reimer

And a call to express solidarity with JK Rowling April 1st, 2024

A couple of months ago I made a video (+podcast) about me in my paintings gradually focusing more on making portraits and more specifically tributes.

In this video I zoom in on one such portrait: my tribute to David Reimer.

My praise for him is actually -unlike some of the others in this category of portraits- not so much because of what he accomplished in his short life, but because of his display of phenomenal resilience and courage. These were particularly reflected in his own choice of the first name “David”; the biblical little man who defeated the giant Goliath.
David Reimer did not defeat the giant whom he wanted to take on.

To Reimer ‘Goliath’ was not just the name of the person I call Mengele 2.0., but referred also to the almost complete medical world in his time.
He didn’t stand a chance.

Fighting the nihilistic transgenderism agenda today is more likely to succeed and some progress is even being made. This modern-day international Hydra has only a single head chopped off, however.
In Scotland this coming April 1, an additional terrifying head will reveal itself: possible jail time for “misgendering”.

Hence this call to action:

The same type of ‘crime’ JK Rowlings has announced she will commit.

Links mentioned in the video and some other sources:

The Humanist Legae praise for Money in 1991. Their video was titled “Sex and Money” …

Spiked. How a cruel, amoral experiment helped birth today’s trans movement.

In 2000 The BBC made a documentary ‘Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis’. On their own site they note that “This page is archived and is no longer updated” ..
It can still be found via DailyMotion, however. David himself and his mother are interviewed. Brother Brian was not interviewed. He committed suicide in 2002.

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