Marxism was never crushed

Proud of the farmers

Amazing. Last Thursday, a very warm day here in the Netherlands: many hundreds came to a meeting of a Dutch political party with English speaking guests only!
And on top of that: the meeting was about a very important but depressing subject: the role of the Communist Party of China in the world. 

The organising party, called Forum For Democracy (FvD), has only 5 seats in parliament (of 150), but is the biggest of the Netherlands when it comes to number of members.
Most people present were members of the party, so I was hardly annoyed to find out that the meeting also had kind of a convivial networking character.

The first speaker on China, John Laughland, recently became director of the International ‘department’ of the party: Forum for Democracy International.
Laughland is British but lives in France. Both the first and the family name of the initiator and leader of the FvD are French: Thierry Baudet. I thought it was seriously funny that Laughland pronounced his name in French. The two men have known each other for a long time. So the literal first words of Laughland were: “He is crazy: putting me in charge“.


To my delight Laughland extensively praised George Orwell: the subject of the portrait I just started to work on! 
I admit it: I almost forgot those spying TV-screens in ‘1984’. And I completely forgot the prophetic last sentence of ‘Animal Farm‘. The pigs invite the farmers back and then: 

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which. 

Laughland apologised for using the cold war terms ‘communism’ and ‘capitalism’ … 
And he continued by zooming in on the main reason why worldwide we are in the extremely dangerous situation we are in today: marxism was never crushed.

One of the many horrible consequences of the cold war was that in the West there was a ‘quest’ for the Anti-Soviet left that could be supported! 
In my words: maybe aligning with the jihadists in Aghanistan and elsewhere was not even the worst, considering the maoists were encouraged too.
In Laughland’s words: 
– Mao was even worse than Stalin, 
– the foreign minister of France is a former maoist, 
– and (back to ‘Animal Farm’ as it were): Barosso, was a Maoist communist leader first, then became chair of the European Commision (2004-2014) and today works for GoldmanSachs,
– The despicable Jean Claude Juncker in 2018 was deeply involved in defending the erecting of a giant statue of Karl Marx in his birthplace Trier, a statue financed by communist China. (BTW: Juncker’s father had himself conscripted by the Nazis to fight against Russia.)
– Three weeks after the start of Trump’s presidency Chinese Communist leader Xi-Ping visited the World Economic Forum in Davos …  

Laughland concluded with a warning from Kissinger, while adding that he is not a fan of this person: Kissinger dryly stated that pre-sorting for conflict with both China and Russia had perhaps not been well thought out.

Kill the boer

Keynote speaker at the meeting was former US ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra. He knows a few Dutch words.

Again and again he emphasised that we are in a battle for freedom. He talked with Dutch farmers being threatened with expropriation and quoted one of them. We (farmers) have to stop our enterprise not for lack of success, but because of regulations. (see featured image; photo by me)

BTW: the Dutch word “boer” (plural: boeren) can also be heard among communist racists in South Africa where they sing “Kill the boer”.   

China became a ‘favoured trade partner’ of the USA 20 years ago, but not not the other way around.

Hoekstra wa very outspoken about SARS_CoV_2: it was manufactured in laboratories and intentionally spread worldwide. Biological warfare.
Several of the other highly informed speakers confirmed this with tons of sources and links: Jack Posobiec, Michael Senger, Lawrence Sellin.
I do not elaborate on it however. This article would become too long. To me it contained little news after my serious study, especially of the bestseller ‘Viral: the search for the origin of Covid-19‘ by Alina Chan and Matt Ridley.
If you are little informed on this subject: start your research with the concepts ‘Gain of function‘ and ‘Furin cleavage site‘ (if you have a strong stomach).

Assuring or worrying?

I was most pleased by the fact that several speakers referred to Mao’s devastating war on sparrows that resulted in the horrible famine, even worse than the famine caused by Stalin’s policy of expropriation (collectivization) of the farmers.

Unfortunately I had to leave the meeting before there was an opportunity to ask questions. So instead I raise it here.
Communist China is heading for (economic) disaster due to the insane (although not absolute!) one child policy. 
This policy not only resulted in the lives of so many girls being prevented (or worse). 

My questions:
Is the communist leadership already panicking? 
Are they trying to rule beyond their graves? 


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